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Thank You Letter to Mike Aviles


imageDear Mike Aviles,

As a huge fan of the Cleveland Indians, I would like to thank you for your time with us. It has been a wonderful 3 years having you on this team.

You were a great utility player for the Indians, busting your butt when your name was called by Tito. You knew when it was your turn, you would contribute in some way.

Your batting average was, how should I say this, “average.” In your 3 seasons with the Cleveland Indians, your batting average was .244 with 19 home runs and 102 RBI’s. Your OPS was a .623

You played the most games with the Cleveland Indians than any other team (335) and those were all hard fought games especially this past season.

Not only did you work your butt off for this team, but for your daughter, Adriana. It was horrible news to hear when we found out your daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. You really are a strong person to deal with all of that and continue to play the great game of baseball.AP TWINS INDIANS BASEBALL S BBA USA OH

I’m sure it meant the world to you to have all the help and support from your teammates and people all over the world. It was great to see you and a few Indians players shave your heads in support for Adriana.It was the most beautiful thing when your daughter threw out the first pitch August 13th. She seemed so happy to be a part of that and it was great to see.

imageIt was a great feeling to know that you would not be traded last season so your daughter could continue to receive treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic is one of the best and I am sure your daughter was treated by the best.

Although you are heading to our rivals, the Detroit Tigers, we will definitely miss you. We hope you enjoyed your time with the Cleveland Indians. Remember, we will always be for “Team Adriana.”

Thanks again Mike Aviles.



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