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BJ Penn Returns

UFCAfter a year and a half, The Prodigy has decided to come out of retirement. After being harassed by Nik Lentz to come back, BJ Penn obliged. Penn challenged Lentz to a fight on Instagram after posting a picture of himself with Greg Jackson along with the caption “We Coming !! @ufc @danawhiteufc.” It looks like Lentz is not willing to fight Penn, but BJ Penn is open to fighting Lentz at any weight class.


UFCPenn will be training at JacksonWink MMA. If there is any camp that can resurrect Penn’s career, it is JacksonWink. While I remain skeptical that BJ will make a run at the featherweight title like he says he wants to, I don’t believe we will see another terrible performance like the one he put on in his fight with Frankie Edgar. JacksonWink is home to many elite fighters such as Jon Jones, Holly Holm, Cowboy Cerrone, Andrei Arlovski, Alistair Overeem and Carlos Condit just to name a few. A motivated BJ Penn was one of the most unstoppable forces in MMA, if Penn can’t get motivated training alongside these guys, I don’t believe he can be motivated anywhere.

“I want to go get that 145-pound belt. That’s definitely a huge motivation for me. I believe with Greg Jackson’s help, I can get that done. And I believe that I will be able to walk away as the only man with three titles in three weight divisions.”

BJ-Penn-Holding-His-UFC-Champion-Belts“I don’t want to be a shell of my former self,” Penn said. “And I told Jackson that if I can’t do this, you let me know. You come straight to me, Greg. You see me sparring one day, you look at me and say ‘this guy don’t got it anymore,’ pull the plug right now. I got a wonderful life back in Hawaii. I love my life. But I love fighting more.

“I realize what I’m up against. I’ll go out right now and give all my respect to these guys. These guys are animals. These guys are the best athletes in the world, and I want to go and take my place among them.”

Who holds that belt currently? None other than Conor McGregor. Interpretation, B.J. Penn wants to make history, and to that he needs to defeat Conor McGregor. Can Penn beat McGregor? Comment below, and share your view with other sports fans!

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