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Royal Rumble Rumors

The WWE is doing a great job of creating buzz around the Royal Rumble match, and therefore the complete pay-per-view by being connected to several rumors. There are rumors every year, but with the massive amount of top level talent on the shelf currently, and the fact that those performers will likely be on the shelf past Wrestle-Mania, the rumor mill seems to be especially flooded this year. Here is what I am hearing as the event gets closer.

The Bullet Club will not make an appearance.

I guarantee this one. But, it is not for the reasons that you think. You see New Japan Pro Wrestling ownes the name Bullet Club, so WWE can not use it.BulletClub

Karl Anderson did recently post a picture of the Bullet Club with him leading them to the ring with the words, “We’re comin.” Plus his tag team partner, Doc Gallows, who is also rumored to be signing with WWE as well, are advertised for NJPW and ROH events through March. Gallows would be cleared to sign with WWE because he doesn’t have an exclusive contract (pay-per-appearance only) with NJPW or ROH although the possibility of him skipping those events that he is advertised for are very slim. He was in Pittsburgh last week to do medical testing for WWE. Anderson does how ever have an exclusive deal with both NJPW and ROH. Those contracts would exclude him from appearing in the Rumble.

Lastly, on this subject, the WWE recently applied for an interesting trademark name. They applied for “Balor Club” so they may be possibly thinking of doing members from the Bullet Club with Finn Balor, current NXT Champion, as their leader, just like in the photo above.

Austin Aries in the Rumble mix?

AustinAriesThis one is doubtful. Although I am being told that Aries did do all the medicals for the WWE last week in Pittsburgh, it is doubtful that he would jump straight to the main roster. Much like Samoa Joe, who I think we can all agree is wasting his time in NXT, the WWE now likes to humble wrestlers from other organizations no matter their talent level and have them perform with the talent in NXT. I think A Double will sign a WWE contract and be on the main roster later this year, I just don’t see him in the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event this Sunday.

30 Men, will 1 of them be Phenomenal?

Here is what I know. Styles will have his send off from ROH at Saturday’s live event in Duluth, GA. Styles will then travel to Florida for the Rumble event. Styles will then be on the road with WWE full-time. But, I have not been able to actually confirm if Styles will be wrestling in the event, or just be an observer. aj-styles

It would make sense to me to have him be in the actual Rumble match, but WWE also likes to shock people the Monday after a big event. Plus, Styles may make an appearance in the pay-per-view without actually being in the Royal Rumble match itself. What if he costs either Alberto Del Rio or Kevin Owens to loose either of their matches? In the case of Del Rio, you could build a nice rivalry moving towards Wrestle-Mania and give the United States Title to Kalisto all at the same time. Then, you could have Kalisto and Nevile build a rivalry towards Wrestle-Mania as well.

I just hope he comes to WWE as the clean cut A.J. and not the greasy bum A.J.

Other Possibilities

The only two other possibilities that I see making a surprise appearance in the Rumble match would be Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. I expect Orton to be in the match, and I covered one Daniel Bryan in this article yesterday.


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