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NXT 1/20/2016

NXT 1/20/2016 or to be technical episode 317

Sami Zayn would kick off the show as he would be in a match with …. Adam Rose, really Adam Rose. El Generico, I mean Sami Zayn would get off to the early start looking like he hasn’t missed a step in the ring. After a thrust to the throat Adam Rose would get in his offense that is almost as ugly as his mustache. Rose would chop the chest of Zayn till it turned red. The crowd would get behind Zayn and it seemed to fail. After it looked like a clothesline by Rose, Zayn made Rose tap out to the Koji Clutch.

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In a rematch seen at NXT Brooklyn a few months ago it would be Apollo Crews vs. The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger.  10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Side note: get Apollo Crews bigger shirts.
Dillinger would get the advantage after the collar elbow tie up. Knocking Crews down he would pause and pander on why he is the perfect 10. Crews would use his power and suplex Tye down. Getting to the outside Tye would do a running dive through the ropes. And capping it off with a knee to the head. 1…2 KICKOUT. Crews would go into beast mode and kicks Tye in the head followed by a spin out powerbomb. 1…2…3.
After the match Apollo would challenge Finn Balor to a non title match next week.

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He sure looks lonely, The lone wolf Baron Corbin would take on a indies star … Not a jobber, a indies star in Rich Swann. Swann is known for his powerful kicks and athleticism which was on full display. A spinning back buzzsaw kick OMG sign him full time, that was great.

Impressive flips and kicks but finally Baron would get ahold of him ending him with the Deep 6.

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The internet will love this as there favorite BAYMELLA (Bayley & Carmella) would take on the unlikely duo of Emma w/ Dana Brooke and Alexa Bliss. Two things before the match, respect to NXT calling them what they are women and not divas. This is the woman’s division not divas. And two I love how the crowd just eats up Bayley. Being jealous Emma would take out Carmella while Bliss would just get double teamed by them both until broken up by the referee. Bayley would hold her ribs but still go on with the match. Quickly Emma and Bliss would stick Bayley in their corner and target her ribs. Bayley would try to crawl for Carmella but Alexa would not stop the onslaught. After a quick gut kick Bayley would use her reverse elbow on Alexa. Before Bayley could get Carmella, Emma would be tagged in by Alexa and she would knock down Carmella.

Bayley would get up and use some effective forearm smashes to Emma followed by corner tackles. Bayley would tell Dana to shut up while Alexa would get a handful of hair and pull her down. Seeing Bayley in the corner Emma would make a sandwich out of her…. get it cause that’s her finisher oh nevermind. After a two count Alexa would be tagged in isolating Bayley. Emma would tag in and tee off on a defenseless Bayley. Bayley would get up and quick dip and dodge the two making the tag to Carmella. Carmella would get fired up taking out both Bliss and Emma. Carmella would end it with a beautiful leg choke applied to Bliss.

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Main event time here at Full Sail.
It would be Johnny (Wrestling) Gargano vs. the man who will be dlc on WWE 2k16 later this week Samoa Joe. I love how they both wore yellow and black, it was like seeing to bumble bees fighting. Samoa Joe would baby Gargano around in this match, making him look stronger than Roman Reigns( Go read 5 Things We Learned From Raw). Joe was brutally vicious with his strikes  and kicks. Gargano would mount a little offense hitting a huge DDT but Joe would choke Johnny out making him tap.

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Next week Triple Threat Number 1 contenders match.

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