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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night’s Impact Wrestling is in the books and it was a very wild edition, to say the least! Here are my 3 Impacts from Impact:

  1. HARDYClearly, the biggest impact was the main event, which saw Matt Hardy capture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I was certainly surprised with how it happened, though. The one thing that didn’t surprise me was Reby Sky turning heel; the hammer in the diaper bag was a terrific touch. I knew that Reby had some evil in her last week, and she certainly showed it during and after the main event. Tyrus turning on EC3 was a long time coming, but aligning with Hardy? That’s a shock! In the end, a shot to EC3 with the belt sealed it, and after his ill-gotten victory, Matt stated that he won the title for himself, and he originally went to TNA to give to the fans, only to see how unimportant they are. He also said that it was Reby that told him that it was time to “stop giving and start taking.” This was a huge double turn, as EC3 is now a babyface because of this, and I  would love to see Babyface EC3, as well as what Jeff Hardy will have to say about this.
  2. AngleLashleyOnly a week after the promo was shown, Raquel made her official televised debut in a backstage segment with Bobby Lashley. Lashley challenged Kurt Angle to a match as part of Angle’s farewell tour, while stating that he hasn’t been the same since Angle beat him for the World Title last year. He was dead serious regarding this challenge, and the appearance of Raquel should be interesting. Raquel definitely gives off a femme fatale vibe, so time will tell what impact she makes on TNA. I actually learned days ago that Raquel (aka Tough Enough’s Gabi Castrovinci) actually trained to wrestle and has competed. Will she actually compete in TNA? Again, only time will tell.
  3. beer-moneyCould Beer Money become Tag Team Champions again? A backstage segment featured The Wolves appearing to issue a challenge to the recently reunited Beer Money, only to be interrupted by a now-heel Crazzy Steve and a mystery assailant who attacked The Wolves, though judging from what little was shown, it appears that Abyss was the attacker. It was at the One Night Only PPV on January 8 that Crazzy Steve, one of only two former remnants of The Menagerie (Rebel, who is also a villain, is the other), turned heel and attacked Mandrews after he was eliminated in the X Division Championship match. All of that aside, a tag title confrontation between The Wolves and Beer Money is inevitable. The question is, “When?” There have been small rumors that WWE is interested in The Wolves, so we could see this happen very soon. I’m already picturing shades of Beer Money’s battles with the Motor City Machine Guns from years ago.

Those are my 3 Impacts from Impact! Next week is the return of Feast or Fired, which is always chaotic! Until then!

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