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Hello once again readers, it’s time for another update on your favorite NHL team! Thats right, Our Boys in Beantown! Today we are going to provide you with an update on how the Black and Gold are doing on the ice, off the ice, and what they have coming up. We will also be asking our question of the week, and adding a new weekly attribute as well! Interested in what that might be? Keep scrolling!


On Saturday the Bruins Foundation donated 200,000 dollars to Boston Pride player Denna Laing. The twenty-four year old hockey alumni from Princeton suffered a spinal cord injury during an exhibition at Gillette Stadium on New Year’s day. She crashed head first into the boards and had to be taken off the ice with use of a stretcher. She now has no feeling in her legs and limited movement of her arms. Over the past few weeks the team has gotten to know Denna and her family. Laing posted on Facebook that the injuries she sustained didn’t ruin, “the best day of her life.” The money will go towards the her rehab and recovery.

Since our last update, the Bruins have won two and lost two, showing a little bit of improvement from the games of the week before. Monday January 11, the Bruins took a hard loss to the Rangers, falling 2-1. The Bruins began in the lead, but let up two goals before the end of regulation. This marks the first time this season that the Rangers won a game when trailing after the second period. Jimmy Hayes scored the only B’s goal of the game. On Wednesday, January 13, Boston lost a tough 3-2 game to the Philadelphia Flyers. They again fell from ahead. The Bruins entered the third period winning 2-1, but a non-offensive third period resulted in two more Flyers goals, continuing the B’s losing streak.

The Bruins ended that streak on Friday the 15th against the Buffalo Sabres. After an even two periods of play, the Bruins scored three more goals in the third period. This ended their road trip with a good win to boost the morale of both the players and the fans. Come Saturday, the B’s established a winning streak with a 3-2 defeat of the Toronto Maple Leafs. A fairly even game with an early goal from Patrice Bergeron, followed by his second of the night was a nail-biter up until the end. With 47 seconds remaining, Brad Marchand saved the day with the game-winning goal, sending the Bruins team and Bruins fans home with another win in the book.


Here it is! The new attribute to our weekly segment! What is it you ask? It’s a player of the week! Each week we will chose a player of the week! This way, you’ll learn to better know your favorite team. The player will be relevant to the team’s achievements for the week, and will include fun facts as well as statistics and updates. This week’s player is number forty-six, David Krejci! This week, it was back to practice for the first time since suffering an upper body injury during December 27th game in Ottawa. The team has missed number forty-six on and off the ice. He is a key player on the Bruins’ offense, and often known to be “silent, but deadly.” It is said David will be travelling with the team to Montreal Tuesday night. David Krejci has fought many injuries and issues through his time as a player. Now for some facts about David;

  • born April 28, 1986 in Sternberk, Czech Republic
  • Bruins first pick in the 2004 NHL entry draft, drafted out of the czech Junior League
  • suffered a concussion during just his third shift in the NHL in 2007
  • first NHL goal was in a shootout, but was not counted toward his statistics for that reason, although he helped the team win
  • his first goal came one week after his first shootout goal
    in February 2008
  • first hat-trick on December 18, 2008 during an 8-5 Bruins win
  • contracted the H1N1 virus early in the 2009-2010 season
  • dislocated his wrist needing surgery just minutes into the first playoff game in 2010
  • married to Naomi Starr as of 2014


This week is a big week for our boys. Tuesday night we face the Montreal Canadiens for the first time since the big loss during the Winter Classic. It will be interesting to see if we can pull out a win after such a devastating loss. On Thursday, we are back at home versus Vancouver at seven o’clock, and Saturday we remain home against Columbus. While the Bruins have a better record than both of these teams, both will have to be hard played games. Won’t have time to watch these games? Check back next week for an update, or follow us on twitter (@bergalicious63) for live tweeting of the games.


Question of the Week

Now for our question of the week! Please tweet your answer to @bergalicious63, the first person with the correct answer will get a follow and a shoutout. We ask you to please refrain from looking up the answer, that does not show your fan knowledge! Here’s some initial background on this week’s question. This player was the first player in the Boston Bruins Franchise to lead the team in points and also have more than ninety-five penalty minutes. He wore number nineteen, and had seventy-three points and ninety-eight penalty minutes! Who was he?


@bergalicious63 #GeekoftheWeek


Thanks, see you next Tuesday, when you join us again for another dish of baked beans!


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