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Atlanta Hawks: Are They Almost There?


Bud Pic 1-19It’s been asked many times in many conversations as to why the Hawks are NOT contenders in the Eastern Conference Finals. I could say it should look obvious, but in a way it’s not and based, only because of current positioning. So below, i’ll lightly break it down for you.


“In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry.” -Roger Staubachkyle-korver

It’s not to say there is no chemistry, but when you lose a back to back with the Knicks, then win 2 against the Bulls and Sixers, followed by a loss to the Hornets and Bucks, it makes you wonder. Yet they are still 26-17 while maintaining 4th place in the East. That’s just a smidget of the issue. Kyle Korver still looks like he hasn’t found his old self. Monday against the Magic he had 5 points, 3 points against the Nets before that, and 17 in a loss to the Bucks before that. Inconsistent play. Why? I sure as heck still don’t know.

Ineffective Players:

Tiago+SplitterTiago Splitter was an off-season acquisition for this ball club to help clean the glass, and hopefully score some points, however it’s been slightly opposite of what we’ve really envisioned. According to my calculations, the Brazilian native has only averaged 5 points on the season, and 3 rebounds. I’ve only counted 5 games this year where he had double digit games, as well as 5 games with 5+ rebounds. Although Dennis is probably considered the sixth man in points and assists, Tiago should be in the books for for the glass. Right? After all, a big off the bench averaging almost 10 boards could help close the gap on the second worst rebounding team in the league. My goodness, let’s not forget Tim Hardaway Jr.. It’s tough watching him play in a system he has to learn so quickly, and granted he hasn’t played in that many games yet, he went from averaging 10 points with a terrible Knicks club last year, to only 3. Now his start in January has looked steady, but don’t forget, the Hawks sacrificed draft picks to try and squeeze this guy. It raised eyebrows then, and it’s only shaking heads now. I could be wrong though, if after the all-star break nothings changed, moves will need to be made fast.

Possible Trades?:

Who do you give up? Options were exercised for Hardaway and Schroeder for next season, but do you keep them? Or risk giving away one of the core members of the starting 5? Heres a few options I’d like to see (that would be nice in the possible future)

Tim Hadaway Jr., Shelvin Mack, Lamar Patterson,  or Mike Scott for Wing Defender:

Nicholas BatumTimHardawayJr

Paul George

Kris Middleton

Aaron Gordon

DeMarre Carroll

Do you think the Hawks have a shot in representing the East? Or who do you think should go and stay? Comment below or twitter!




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