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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which covers everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Becky and Charlotte Brawl

With Raw mainly focusing on the monumental Royal Rumble Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the Divas didn’t get much time on the program. A week removed from her heel turn, Charlotte did a backstage interview where she painted herself as the true victim in her feud with Becky Lynch, who later went after Charlotte as she was set to compete against Brie Bella. After the attack, Ric Flair stated that Charlotte is in no condition to compete, and both of them walked out. Not much, Diva-wise, but it did what it was set to do, further the fire for a title encounter at the Royal Rumble.

Gabi Castrovinci

The Knockouts action on Impact featured another Dollhouse/BP encounter, this time a Street Fight that the Dollhouse won. The main KO story included a vignette for a new Knockout:  Raquel. I stated in my “3 Impacts from Impact” post that I had a feeling that Raquel is actually former Tough Enough contestant Gabi Castrovinci, and I turned out to be right, as Gabi herself had actually announced that she joined TNA last week. Gabi was one of the 13 finalists on the program, which featured seven men and six women. She was the second woman eliminated and the fourth contestant overall to be axed. Gabi was actually my favorite out of all of the women on TE, mainly because of her somewhat villainous personality. As early as the first episode of the program, the villainous Gabi stated that her objective was not to make friends and play nice, and she even clashed with fellow contestants Daria Berenato and Amanda Saccomanno, so it’s no surprise that, IMO, she gave off a bit of a heel vibe in her promo. I can’t wait to see more of Raquel/Gabi in TNA!


A new #1 Contender was crowned on the first official episode of NXT of 2016, and it was Carmella receiving the title shot. NXT was main evented by a Divas Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for Bayley’s NXT Women’s Championship, a battle royal that included jobbers Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Deonna Purrazzo, and the debuting Aliyah among the regulars. Carmella won by lastly eliminating Eva Marie, and she’ll face off against her good friend Bayley for the title. Carmella and Bayley’s friendship has been detailed on social media and on the WWE Network’s Breaking Ground series, but once Carmella won, I instantly thought that she would turn heel and attack Bayley. She didn’t, but IMO, the possibility does exist. Carmella’s title opportunity will come on the next NXT tapings during Royal Rumble Weekend, so when they do face each other, we could see a duplicate of the Charlotte/Becky angle, with Carmella actually attempting to cheat her way to victory. Even if she isn’t successful, and chances are she won’t, Carmella could attack Bayley to set up a long feud, which would have Carmella portrayed as a cold-hearted villainess who is willing to throw away a close friendship to become NXT’s top Diva. Time will tell where this goes, but it should be very interesting!

Brie vs Becky

We do know that Charlotte vs Becky at the Rumble is a foregone conclusion. Right before her match against Brie Bella (which Brie demanded after what happened on Monday), Becky laid out a challenge to Charlotte for a title match at the PPV, which Charlotte will most likely accept on Raw this upcoming Monday. Regarding her match on SmackDown, Becky did defeat Brie, as expected. I do see this match, after it’s official, being an instant classic, like the last few Diva matches have been lately.


Heel Sara Lee

Tough Enough‘s female winner, Sara Lee, made her debut at this weekend’s NXT live show in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Those of us remember Sara Lee as the awkward fan favorite on the show, with a fanbase that increased week by week as it came down to her and her villainous rival, Amanda Saccomanno. However, in a shocker, Sara Lee actually appeared as a heel at the house show on Friday, but she didn’t compete, only giving a heel promo in an in-ring interview. In her promo, the villainous Sara Lee stated that she was through playing nice and wants to win matches; a huge 180 from that same girl who just couldn’t stop smiling on TE. Sara Lee’s promo received a lot of praise from reviewers, but because it’s a house show, it’s not a foregone conclusion that Sara Lee’s villainous persona will stick. Regarding the TE women so far, Sara Lee, Amanda, and Daria are signed to WWE, Gabi’s in TNA, and Chelsea Green appeared for TNA earlier this month (no word on if she’s officially signed). That only leaves Giorgia “Gigi” Piscina, but I do see her being signed by either WWE or TNA some time later in the year. In the meantime, I am still hoping for a video of Sara Lee’s heel promo to pop up somewhere!

A loaded week in women’s wrestling begins tomorrow. Gail vs Kong for the Knockouts Championship on Impact, and we should see Charlotte vs Becky at the Rumble for the Divas Championship. Also, Total Divas returns for its fifth season!

Until next week!

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