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A Look at the Bears Draft: Laremy Tunsil

The Bears need another offensive tackle.KyleLong

Kyle Long made the transition to guard last season and despite a slow start, Long settled in and will play tackle again next year.  But the question is which side?

It is always good to grab two or three OL in the draft and the Bears will no doubt do this in the upcoming draft. But should the Bears really use their eleventh pick on a tackle? I say its a great possibility.

Next up on my list: Laremy Tunsil 6-5 305 lb University of Mississippi

Linemen don’t have the stat lines like skill players have but there is still plenty to talk about.

Laremy Tunsil is coming out early but is he ready for the pro level?  While he still could improve his strength, many say Tunsil is already shaping up to be a franchise tackle.

As always, the huge thing when looking at linemen is quickness and leverage.  There is no excuse for being big and not having quick feet. It’s mandatory to have success in the NFL, especially with all the dominant pass rushers taking over the league by storm.

LaremyTunsilLaremy Tunsil possesses both those qualities, and scouts speak highly of him.

“Tunsil has put his impressive skill set on display this season. He has natural knee bend with amazing quickness and agility. While Tunsil has room to add more power for the NFL, he has some natural strength and plays with great leverage. Tunsil gets movement in the ground game and has the quick feet to be a franchise left tackle. The only thing he could use is a little more power to get movement on NFL defensive linemen.”

Kyle Long looks like he will stick to right guard but no one is for sure. The first day of OTA’s is when news like this comes out and I would not be shocked if he gets moved to LT.

Laermy Tunsil would be great at either one. His leverage is what everyone is talking about and that will be great especially in the run game. His pass blocking was also phenomenal and allowed no sacks in games multiple times last season at Ole Miss.

Tunsil is the best linemen in this draft.  There is a chance he could drop to the Bears and if he does, the Bears should carefully consider if they want to take a linemen that early.

Tunsil was a five star recruit and started for Ole Miss as a true freshman. The talent is there, the will is there, and the strength will come.

In my next article, I will talk about a player who just won a national championship.


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