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3 Things We Learned From Smackdown

On this week’s edition of Smackdown we had a triple main event. With two big tag team matches and the United States Championship on the line,what did we learn ?




1.WWE Doesn’t Know What to do With the Wyatt’s

So the Wyatt’s faced Undertaker and Kane at Survivor Series. Since then they had a somewhat enjoyable match at TLC against the ex ECW crew. At the moment they are rudderless, playing a small role on WWE TV. Unless WWE have something up their sleeve for them at Wrestlemania it could mean hard times for the family. On Smackdown they faced another team who haven’t been up to much in the Dudley’s. Credit where it’s due the match was entertaining at points. The end came when Bubba pushed Harper through a table. The Dudley’s didn’t have long to celebrate, Devon was thrown through a table by Strowman, Bubba was double chokeslamed by Harper and Rowan off the announce table and through a table. That looked like it was a nasty bump. I couldn’t help to think though what did it mean? Why don’t they like each other and what does each team want to achieve, WWE has work to do.



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2. A New United States Champion is Crowned.

In his first appearance since winning the US title Kalisto had to defend it. His challenger was the former champion, and Del Rio was in no mood for messing about. ADR started strong and didn’t let up working on Kalisto for the majority of the match. Trying to rip Kalisto mask off Del Rio was pulling the same tricks he used to use against Mysterio. For some reason the King on commentary was playing heel. Comparing Kalsito to Hornswoggle, great way to promote talent(!) Back to the match and ADR hit a wicked second rope arm-breaker on Kalisto. Del Rio didn’t stop the attack using the steps as well. Kalisto managed a couple of high-flying moves but Del Rio seemed one step ahead. Barrett came down to ringside to cheer on his Nations buddy. Kalisto wasn’t put off and even managed a comeback and just when it looked like he was going to hit his finisher Barrett distracted him and Del Rio caught him in the Arm Bar, but Kalisto managed to get to the ropes. Del Rio fell to the outside and Kalisto putting it all on the line missed his dive to the outside on ADR. Thanks to Barrett getting him out the way. With that it was over ADR put the arm bar back on in the center of the ring and Kalisto tapped. Your new US camp, good match, these two have good chemistry but why does this feud have to be so rushed?

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3.Last man standing 

We kicked off Smackdown with Ambrose appearing and calling out Owens. He was interrupted by Sheamus and after a few words were exchanged, Owens entered and went to team up on Ambrose. Luckily Neville came out to stop the attack and the main event was set. Neville was back in the main event after a couple of months of stop start booking. Smackdown has become the Ambrose show as of late and he proves he can carry a show. The match was fair Neville was worked on before he got the hot tag. Ambrose got in and a tornado DDT and big elbow put him in control. Owens was in and Ambrose went right after him the two brawled to the outside. Owens and Sheamus were disqualified. Ambrose and Neville both hit their finisher on Owens to end the show,disappointing finish to the match. The bigger picture is the Last Man Standing match for the Intercontinental Championship. These two men could have the match of the year in January!

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