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NXT 1/13/16 Happy New Year

Feels good to be back

First new NXT of the new year.

William Regal the General Manager would make his return after neck surgery. He would welcome the crowd to 2016. He would announce there will be a battle royal in the main event to determine the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.
Also he would announce the name of the man making his return to Full Sail University. Sami Zayn !!!!
Zian would warm the crowd with a speech and also a proclamation to become the first two time NXT Champion. After an engaging speech he would be interrupted by Samoa Joe. After threatening Zayn, the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin would interrupt him. He would bring up that Zayn doesn’t deserve a chance at the title and neither does Joe. After Joe left Corbin would attack but get Hellva Kicked outside the ring. Joe would try to attack while Zayn had his back turned but Zayn would scare him off.

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Tommaso (I’m gonna chop you) Ciampa would make his way to the ring to face off against NXT jobber Danny Burch. We all know how this one went. I choose you Ciampa, Ciampa used chop attack.
Super effective.
Burch used right hand… But it failed.
Ciampa used arm bar.
Burch Fainted
Ciampa gained a Win.

Image result for tommaso ciampa nxt

William Regal announced in two weeks we will have a triple threat match to determine who will be the next number one contender for the NXT Championship.
Baron Corbin vs. Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn

Can they just come back to NXT please.
In the next bout it would be the NXT tag team champions Dash&Dawson vs. the returning Ascension (Konnor & Viktor). Dash would start off disrespecting Viktor making him tee off on him. After a distraction by Dawson, Dash would hit a big clothesline. In Dawson as the expert tagging in and out to wear down Viktor would occur. Viktor would finally make the tag to Konnor (YAHHH). Coming off the hot tag Konnor would use his effective striking on Dash&Dawson. After a big splash in the corner on Dawson; Konner would go for the pin but there to distract the referee was Dash. Konner would knock Dash out and turn his focus back on Dawson as he tried to kick him. Konner would smack Dawson into his corner not seeing Dash making the tag. After a reversal by Dawson; Dash would slide in helping him set up The Shatter Machine.

Image result for dash and dawson

Backstage we would see Nia Jax with the trainer. The doctor said due to the strain on her neck from Bayley choking her out she will not be able to compete in the Battle Royal.
Eva Marie would declare she would do it for the both of them and make her proud.

The Macho Man Randy…. Wait that’s not the Macho Man …. My bad (R-Truth voice). Elias Samson is his name and he would make his way to the ring with his guitar. His opponent NXT jobber and kinda Daniel Bryan look a like, Corey Hollis. The Macho Man use his size and strength against the smaller Hollis. Use punches and stomps in the corner would ground Hollis. After donkey kicking Hollis, Samson would use the swinging neck breaker to finish Hollis off.
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It’s always good to see women in the main event especially in NXT. Expect Eva Marie, because nobody likes her, would start off the match Asuka would become one of my all time favorite by buzzsaw kicking Eva in the face. Eva would roll out the ring.

Thank you Asuka
After that all hell would break loose.
The first one to be eliminated would be Aliyah… Figures. In the final four it would be Emma, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and Asuka. Kay and Royce would try to double team Emma but to finish it off would be Asuka kicking her while on the top rope. Kay and Royce would go at it until Asuka booty bumped them both out.
The winner of the match Asuk…. Did you forget, Eva hopped back in the ring and eliminated Asuka to the distaste of the crowd. But did I forget to mention Carmella went under the bottom rope and waited until it was her time. She would eliminate Eva Marie. Winner Carmella, as Bayley ran to the ring to celebrate with her best friend. Hopefully this isn’t the end of Baymella.

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