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Stone Cold Podcast: Ric Flair

A new month and a new episode of Stone Cold’s Podcast.This time featuring the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Would this be a chance for Flair to explain why he was the dirtiest player in the game or would it be PG rated ?StoneColdPodcastRicFlair2

WWF Wrestler Ken Patera.

WWF Wrestler Ken Patera.

We started off with the two sitting inside the Broken Skull Ranch the same place Shawn Michaels was last month. Ric looks old, I don’t want to have a go straight away but the years of jet flying have really taken their toll on him. After the introductions they focused on his early years I’m not going to go into detail but he was adopted and struggled through school and the breaking point was when he was in the 9th Grade and was sent to a private school. He attended the University of Minnesota but didn’t get a scholarship. Ric worked in insurance and lived with Ken Patera who was an Olympic weightlifter who had a connection to wrestling in Verne Gagne. Meeting Gagne who was in charge of one of the biggest wrestling companies at the time changed Flair’s fortunes.

Flair started wrestling as Ric Fleir but was made to change it early on. Austin mentioned that even the greats have to find their character in wrestling for Steve it was Williams to Stunning and Ric finally became the Nature Boy. Stone Cold was getting animated and you could tell he loves talking about wrestling. Flair’s move from the AWA to the Crocketts is covered but with Ric we see this side to him. Money talks for him about getting a $1000 a week within the first month then buying a Cadillac.

RicFlairRobe2Then they talked about the Plane crash that Ric was involved in and he actually broke his back. His recovery was eight months Flair wanted to trail off but Austin keeped him on point. George Scot was mentioned a legendary figure in the sport he made Flair get back in the ring. Flair then talked about how he became the Nature Boy with Scot presenting the idea. A meeting with Olivia the woman who made all of Flair’s robes. He talks about his evolution and how he got the Woo from Jerry Lee Lewis. Flair beat Dusty Rhodes for his first world title and Austin asks how it went. Nine weeks was the answer and Austin quoted Flair’s daughter who said she saw her Dad ten times a year. When asked if he was being selfish Flair said no matter what he would have been on the road. No mention of any untoward activities to keep away the boredom

Austin said Flair was ahead of his time because of the amount of money he spent. Flair said his character now in the WWE would not only be successful but Vince wouldn’t have enough money. Dusty and Flair feud was mentioned by Steve who was a big fan as a boy. They talk about the rivalry and friendship with it being more competitive and who spent the most money. The angle where Flair broke Dusty’s leg inside a cage. It was so hot they were stuck in the ring for an hour and even the cops couldn’t help.FlairHeenan

On to the WWF he couldn’t be happier when he moved. WCW wanted to change his gimmick to Spartacus. Steve was in shock but said that his WWF run didn’t have the same magic as his WCW days. Flair countered that he faced Hogan, Macho, Bret, Undertaker and worked at Mania . Bobby Heenan was his manager in the WWF and had a tough time behind the scenes dealing with Naitch. A young Shawn Michaels worked with Flair in 92 and it was the same man who retired him in 2008.

Austin asked about his transition from wrestler to father and Flair said he live vicariously through his kids. Reid was mentioned, Ric’s son who unfortunately passed away. Not about him but about the angle on Raw mentioning him. Flair says he knows how the business works and he thinks Reid is happy. Ric said the biggest thing to happen to him in his career is Charlotte winning the Divas title. Charlotte was talked about with Flair saying she was a better athlete than him and there was no pressure on her being a Flair. Moving on to Triple H Flair describes him as his best friend and can’t think of enough words to describe him. McMahon was next on the discussion list Flair hasn’t got a bad word to say about Vince. Flair makes the point if Vince hadn’t signed him who knows what would happen. Flair paid McMahon back nearly a million dollars the night of WrestleMania 24.

Ric-Flair-and-Charlotte-640x360WCW was the last major talking point. Austin said he wished WCW was still around but Flair disagreed saying each wrestler had their own camps and the management didn’t know what was going on. We ended with another story of Flair spending money.

Final Thoughts.

The strange truth is it’s sad seeing Flair way past his prime but he has to keep making appearances because he’s spent more money than he has made. Which is the sad case for most wrestlers’ But Flair was one of the biggest stars and look at Shawn Michaels he retired comfortably in 2010 and has no need to return. A year after HBK retired Flair and WWE pulling out all the stops he’s wrestling for TNA. His hate for WCW shows and it wasn’t just Russo who killed the company. It was just nobody cared about WCW. One last thing it is Flair bashing but i can’t think of any other superstar who has gotten away with more be it DUI’s JR’s firing or other things. Forget that though and just look at the Nature Boy. He is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and has powerful friends so he’s here to stay Woo !

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