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3 Impacts from Impact

impact-wrestling-pop-tv-2Week Two of Impact on Pop is in the books, and it was quite an impressive edition! So many things stuck out regarding last night’s episode, but here are three things that I just couldn’t help but dwell on:

  1. As a fan of the Knockouts, I can’t help but focus on the short nearly 30-second promo featuring the debut of this new Knockout, who is only going by the name Raquel. TNA really needs new Knockouts now, especially since they lost Taryn Terrell and Brooke Tessmacher in just a matter of months. The promo had Raquel shown under a cloud of mystery; physically shown, but in a semi-dark setting. What I found interesting is that Raquel came across as a heel (IMO) in the segment, which would be good if the babyface side of the KO Division wasn’t shorthanded at the moment. I definitely have my theories about who Raquel could be. Certainly, when I saw the name “Raquel,” I immediately thought of former NXT Diva Raquel Diaz, but after hearing an accent and thinking long and hard about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that Raquel is none other than former Tough Enough contestant Gabi Castrovinci. Gabi was the second woman eliminated from TE’s most recent season in 2015, and with the rumor that WWE won’t touch her because of something in her past, it’s fitting that she’d appear on TNA. It’s a theory, yes, but we’ll see if I’m right in the coming weeks.tough-enough-gabi
  2. The announcement regarding a final encounter between Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy was certainly captivating! Matt was Mr. Anderson’s guest on his new in-ring talk-show segment, which was titled, “HUH?!?!” the title alone had me eager. Matt stated that he’s not done with EC3 and that he had an offer for the reigning World Champion that he couldn’t refuse, and he wasn’t lying, as he decided to put his whole career on the line for one more chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. EC3 upped the ante by making it a Last Man Standing Match, which will air next week on Impact. I would think that Matt would win this time, because I haven’t heard anything about Matt and/or Jeff leaving TNA.mattHardy6sidedRing
  3. Speaking of Matt Hardy, am I the only one who’s getting a heel vibe from his wife, Reby Sky? Last week, after Matt lost to EC3, we see Reby (with baby Maxel) consoling her husband as they walked up the entrance ramp, only to turn right around and give an ominous glare at EC3. Now that meant nothing, IMO, but last night I saw Reby give that death stare again, this time to Mr. Anderson at the end of his segment. A saying I often go by is one uttered by ESPN’s Chris Berman on occasion:  “One’s an accident, two’s a trend, three’s a problem.” Though the death stare has only appeared twice, I can’t help but think that Reby could be turning heel, but if so, will she turn alone, or will her husband join her? It brings back memories of how Sharmell became a villainous vixen in 2005 by helping Booker T win his matches, while Booker acted innocent, only to reveal that he knew about his wife’s actions all along. It also reminds me of Kristal Marshall in TNA years ago, starting as a face only to turn into an arrogant heel who thought that she was above the wrestling scene. I don’t know how exactly Reby could turn heel, if it’s going that route. One way could see Reby help Matt win, but then she continues doing so when he’s going up against babyfaces. Or, in what would be an absolute shocker, the evil Reby costs Matt next week, which ends his career. She could claim that baby Maxel needs his father at home, but in a show of hypocrisy, Reby could start competing in TNA’s KO Division. Overthinking on my part, but with the directions that have been taken with wrestling lately, anything’s possible.

Those are the 3 Impacts from Impact! Until next week!

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