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B'sLogoHockey fans are busy people this time of year, with the holidays just passing by we writers here in Boston hope your stockings were filled to the brim on Christmas morning. But the holidays weren’t the only thing keeping us busy, between watching games, trying to keep up with other winter activities, and live tweeting from our Bruins twitter (@bergalicious63), it seems we have no time! How could we ever rid our passion to commentate?

Don’t worry, we’ve worked out a new way to keep current. This is the first, of many, of our new “Our Boys in Beantown” series. In this segment, we will not only give you an update as to what the boys are up to on the ice, but also what they’re doing in their free time, what’s coming up, and we will even ask a question of the week at the end of each entry! If this, and more, sound appealing to you, scroll down!

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Pictured above; Patrice Bergeron and family.

Despite a rough patch on the ice, our boys definitely aren’t lacking off of it! These guys have sure been keeping busy, and not only by Christmas shopping. We hosted the annual alumni game between the Winter Classic rivals also took place, we were pretty stacked as far as the roosters went, and our old B’s even came out on top in a well fought game. Very cool! Also, two days before the Classic, the guys held an event for family and friends.

The invitees got the great opportunity to skate across the 2016 Winter Classic outdoor rink at Gillette. For one hour, relatives showed up at the legendary stadium from far and near. Frank Vatrano’s brother flew all the way from Singapore to make the event, Vatrano said, “”When I was called up [from the American Hockey League] he booked his tickets to come home.” Players brought their kids, and assistant Patrice Bergeron’s newborn son even got his first “skate.” Looking for the stats on the game? Keep reading!

As of January 11, the Boston Bruins are 24-14-5. The Bruins have lost six of their last eight games, including the Winter Classic game. On January 8th, the Bruins began a five-game road trip in hopes of starting a new winning trend. So far, this road trip has resulted in a 1-0-1 record. The first game in New Jersey resulted in a powerful 4-1 win by our boys in black and gold. The following game, just twenty-four hours later, resulted in a devastating 2-1 overtime loss in Ottawa. Not long before this, the Bruins had played the Senators twice, December 27th and 29th, resulting in a 3-1 win and a 7-3 win, respectively. At this point, it seemed as though things were looking up from the two previous losses, that is until the Winter Classic.

MattBeleskeyThe annual event offered to selected teams only a few times a decade, ended in an embarrassing 5-1 loss on part of the Bruins. Matt Beleskey scored the only Bruins goal in Foxborough throughout the night. Following the Classic, the Bruins lost one more against Washington before the road trip, hopefully in the future games, the B’s can change their trend and bring home a few W’s.

On January 6, Patrice Bergeron was the only player on the Bruins to be selected as a player in the NHL All Star Weekend. This will be Patrice’s second appearance in the All Star Game throughout the eleven years that he has played in the National Hockey League. The two games happened to appear two years in a row. This year’s Game will be the first that has ever been held at the Nashville Predators home ice. Patrice Bergeron has won the Selke trophy, awarded to the league’s top offensive defenseman for three out of the past four years. Patrice Bergeron also demonstrates extreme leadership skills, both on and off of the ice. The All Star Weekend will be the weekend of January 30 and 31, and the game will take place on Sunday January 31 at 5:00pm ET/4:00pm CT.


Looking ahead this week, we have four games to look forward to. First, tonight, our boys face the New York Rangers away at Madison Square Garden. With Henrik Lundqvist between pipes it surely won’t be an easy task. The next obstacle for the men in gold this week is versus the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday at eight o’clock. The B’s continue their road trip at the Wells Fargo Center. To end our road trip, the Bears will face Buffalo who hold a 16-22 record while we obtain a 21-14.

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It looks like a close match-up, but Tuukka Rask has been on fire lately! Saturday, back on home ice, Boston will face the Maple Leafs at seven, and will battle for more points to go towards their record, striving for their spot in the Stanley Cup this year. Check back next week for an update on the turnout of these games, and more! Don’t exit out so fast though, make sure to answer our question of the week below!

Every week with our “Our Boys in Beantown” series, we will include a Question of the Week. This question will be no more than your typical Bruins-based trivia question. Anyone who has the answer to the question may tweet the answer @bergalicious63 with the hashtag #GeekoftheWeek. The first person to tweet the correct answer with the hashtag will receive a follow and a shout out from our account! We ask sincerely that everyone try to refrain from looking up the answers online because that doesn’t prove your knowledge!

Our first question;

The Boston Bruins defeated this Western Conference champion in a four-game sweep, winning their first Stanley Cup title in 29 years. An indelible image of the victory was Bobby Orr’s Cup-clinching goal; he went flying through the air after beating goalie Glenn Hall in overtime.

Which team did the Boston Bruins defeat in the 1970 Stanley Cup final series?

@bergalicious63 #GeekoftheWeek

Thanks, see you next Monday, when you join us again for another dish of baked beans!


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