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5 Things We Learned From Raw

5 Things We Learned From Raw StingUndertaker

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1.) The man they call Sting

– Sting is the first inductee in the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame

– Know as the face of WCW, Sting stayed with the company until it went down in 2001.

– From WCW, NWA, WWE and whether or not they want you to remember TNA.

– Does this mean we will never see Sting vs. The Undertaker

– 3 time WCW tag team champion
– 2 time WCW United States     
– 2 time WCW International Champion
– 7 time WCW/NWA Champion (Not the TNA version)
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2.) Who? Who? Who?  (New Day Voice)

– To start the show every superstar would line up near the entrance ramp then out came Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon.

– They would discuss the one vs. all match at the Royal Rumble and it was also announced that there would be a similar match tonight. 
Then they would be interrupted by Roman Reigns. Mr. McMahon played with the fact of what if Dean Ambrose won the Royal Rumble match. And before everyone left he would announce that Dean Ambrose has a match against Sheamus would attacked him from behind.

– Oh Thank God Sheamus didn’t win.
In Cole’s words this match was physical. They would both be counted out as Ambrose rammed Sheamus unto the steel post busting his head wide open. Yep that’s right blood !!!!  Ambrose would clear the announce table but oh no…..

– Kevin Owens would attack from behind and try to send Dean through the announce table, the referees would interfere and separate the two not before Owens attacked Dean even more. Dean would be taken to the trainers room.

– After a match we would see Ambrose blast out of the trainers room and cut a promo saying he wants Kevin Owens. He would search for Owens but would he find him?
Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z

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3.) Highlight Reel of the New Day

–  Y2J Chris Jericho would make his way to the ring for his show we haven’t seen in years, The Highlight Reel.

– Jericho would go on and talk about the Royal Rumble and him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Until he was interrupted by THE NEW DAY!!!

– After a war of words between the one vs. three the Usos would come out and this would be turned into a match. No not Jericho wrestling, he would just be in The Uso’s corner. It was a good match until

-How dare you Jericho.
Chris Jericho took Xavier Woods trombone and broke it in half. Tears would pour out of Woods.

– The Usos would win but darn you Chris Jericho how could you do that to Francesca.


4.) Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio…. Kalisto????

– Announced on the on the pre show Alberto Del Rio would take on Kalisto for the Untied States Championship.

– It gave me the feel of a reincarnation Eddie vs. Rey match. In no way am I ever comparing Del Rio to Eddie or Kalisto to Rey. It’s good to see two Luchadors go at it in the ring.

– WWE took me by surprise with this one, I never would have thought they would push Kalisto so fast but he deserves it. He put on a beautiful display in this match and well deserved won the championship in a upset against Del Rio.

– Did WWE forget about the League of Nations because they were no where present. Does WWE want us to forget about them?

– Poor Sin Cara. Kalisto achieved more than he ever has. Unlike Sin Cara they didn’t botch when they decided to make this move.

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5.) One vs. All

– Earlier in the night Mr. McMahon would announce that Roman Reigns would be in a One vs. All match.

-His opponents The Wyatts, The New Day, The Ascension, Stardust, Tyler Breeze, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus. Oh and starting out the match Kevin Owens. Why?

– Oh thank God Roman didn’t beat Kevin and it was a match dominated by Owens.

– After that McMahon would send everyone in the ring to attack Roman. Who would ever save Roman.
No not Dean, what ever happened to him wanting to attack Owens. No the person that would save him BROCKKKKK LENSARRRRR

– Brock would take out everybody even Kevin Owens ( There goes my hopes of Brock vs. Kevin at Wrestlemania sad face). After cleaning house he would turn his attention to Roman Reigns. Remember when I said Brock came to save Roman; well I was wrong because Brock gave him a F-5. The crowd loved it.

Side Note: Where is Wade Barrett

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