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Breaking Down WWE Breaking Ground

For ten weeks BG has been on the WWE Network and Episode 10 marked the end for the first series so what did we take away from the series ? Well let’s first look at what happened on the last episode.TakeoverRespect_DustyRhodesClassic_LIGHT_HP

NXT Takeover Respect was the destination for the NXT Crew at the PC. Only coming every 3 months it was a chance to really shine. In the main event it was Bayley defending her championship against Sasha Banks and the culmination of the Dusty Tag Team Classic.

We saw Triple H arrive for the event and he talked about what it means to be a WWE Superstar. Apollo Crews was mentioned by him saying that he has a clean slate and needs to show he can make his mark. Before the show started the Game along with Norman Smiley and William Regal were trying to come up with a new finisher for Apollo. Would they be able to come up with one that would work against his opponent Tyler Breeze? Breeze had been with NXT since it started and was the elder statesman.

Bayley’s nerves were getting the better of her. Would she be able to handle the pressure? Speaking of the women’s division Dana had a big night against Asuka. Dana’s mum was backstage and they both spoke with the doctor about her injury.

Nobody had a bad word to say about Dusty Rhodes in the PC. A mentor and friend to all the talent the Dusty Tag Team Classic was a fitting tribute to him. Triple H had organised it and the trophy was going to be presented by the Rhodes family.

We see Sami Zayn talking to the Game about his injury. Sami had only ever missed four weeks of wrestling in his whole career up until this point. Triple H had some words of advice and he should listen, he has had his fair share of injuries. Tito was a spectator tonight. Since his demotion would he ever make it. Corbin has a close relationship with him with both men being in the NFL.

The show was on and what a night of action it was Asuka defeating Dana in a fine match and she overcame her injury which gave her a lot of respect backstage.Jason-Jordan-Chad-Gable-Baron-Corbin-Rhyno

In the first Semi Final of the Dusty Classic Jordan and Gable along with Corbin and Rhyno almost stole the show and Gable and Jordan showed that they belonged even in defeat. A fantastic finish to the match Corbin and Rhyno advanced. They skipped the second semi final but I can assure you it took place. Joe and Balor downed Corbin and Rhyno but Baron showed that the future looks very bright for him. Balor and Joe celebrated with the Rhodes family in a very touching moment. To Dusty it was the respect he deserved.Apollo-Crews-Tyler-Breeze

Crews showed that he could take it to the next level. Breeze and Apollo had a great match and Crews got to show off his new finisher. Two of the most talented wrestlers in NXT these two men could be future champions in WWE or NXT and have earned a lot of respect.

The Bayley vs Sasha Banks match had a lot to live up to after their classic at NXT Brooklyn. Could these two performers top that in the main event? In a word no but that’s not to say both women didn’t put forward a tremendous effort.The highlight being when Banks made Bayley’s number one fan cry. Bayley retained and after the match Triple H presented them with flowers and the NXT locker room came out to pay their respect.


TylerBreezeBackstage Triple H called a meeting first with the management team and then with the talent. Beaming from ear to ear and he said he couldn’t be happier. Everybody agreed that the talent stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run. He then explained NXT was on fire and that they were only going to get better. This night was all about respect and he said Dusty would be looking down and respecting them all. Before he left he called Tyler Breeze up and announced that he would be going up to the main roster. It was met by applause by everybody and Tyler looked chuffed and so he should. We see Breeze making his big stage debut but down at the PC there was still work for the rest of the talent to do.

We ended with a look at what the talent had been up to since. Jordan and Corbin are number one contender’s for the tag title and Corbin is next in line for the NXT championship. At NXT London Nia Jax lost to Bayley for the Woman’s Championship and Sami Zayn returned from injury.

So that was Breaking Ground. I really liked it there are some negatives like stretching it out a bit much with the cliffhanger’s each week. I wanted to see more promo class because that was so interesting to see a character get created. We don’t know how much was set up and if there is a season 2 expect more dramatised action. Most of the coaches came across well but sometimes it just felt too positive. I wouldn’t mind seeing the darker side but WWE would never allow that. A really polished show and just about enough content to make anybody interested in watching it.

Before we finish let’s hand out some end of season awards:


Babyface of the Show: Bayley

Bayley proved that she is the face of NXT well-loved by everyone at the PC or in the arena.

Heel of the Show: Canyon Ceman

Came across well until he started letting people go. Broke big Josh’s heart and didn’t even blink. Boo!


Character that grew on me the Most: Baron Corbin

I wasn’t sure about Corbin until BG. He’s impressed me with his attitude be it cocky or not.


Character I disliked the most: Mojo Rawley

There is just something about him I don’t like enough said.

Talking Head: William Regal

Can always tell a good story. Regal made me laugh more than once on the show.


Coach of the Year: Robbie Brookside

Not many American fans will know Robbie. He proved to them his love of the business and formed a father son relationship with Lovepreet.


So there we have it Breaking Ground for now! I also write the Weekly Smackdown articles on Cleatgeeks as well Next we will also take a look at Ric Flair on the Stone Cold Podcast.


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