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3 Things We Learned From Smackdown

The first Smackdown of the new year and on it’s new home.

So what did we learn from this week’s edition ?


1.Smackdown has a New Announce Team.

We were introduced at the start of the night to new lead announcer Mauro Ranallo. He is well-known in boxing and MMA and very well-respected. This is a great addition to WWE and anybody tired of Michael Cole. Bringing his own distinct style to Smackdown he was along side Byron Saxton who himself is improving every week and is becoming the Jerry Lawler of Smackdown. The King has been on commentary team since the mid nineties and will choose when to retire. Some say it’s the same thing every week from him but I do find myself chuckling at him every now and then. Also don’t forget the man nearly lost his life live on RAW so he can do what he wants. I thought the new team performed very well throughout the night. It will be interesting to see Mauro challenging Cole to be the voice of the WWE.


2.Kalisto Next In Line For US Title

Smackdown kicked off with John Cena coming out to the ring and welcomed us to Smackdown. John then called out Alberto Del Rio . The US champ wasn’t happy with John and said he wasn’t going to give him a title shot but did say he would face anyone in a match. Cena introduced Kalisto and ADR after thinking it was too easy got caught with a vicious kick and the match was on. Kailsto started strong but was soon at a disadvantage after Del Rio hit a big boot on him when he was dangling upside down on the ropes. A big sit out power bomb and a continued attack couldn’t keep the masked man down and with John Cena at ringside Del Rio got too caught up with him and allowed Kalisto to recover enough to hit a hurricanrana and pin the US champ. As I’ve said before Kaslisto has got a big 2016 ahead and with him looking to be next in line for a title shot it could all begin for him at the Rumble.


3.Ambrose War with Owens Continues.

We had two championship matches on Smackdown the first one being the Divas title. Charlotte had turned heel on RAW and tonight was facing her former friend Becky Lynch. The two Divas had a great back and forth battle with Charlotte retaining thanks to some heel tactics. What would happen in the second title match? You get the feeling they don’t like each other which is rare this day and age. What I like as well is that they are capable of exchanging technical wrestling moves to brawling. Owens took control of the match with a massive Cannonball on the outside but Ambrose wasn’t out yet. A fantastic exchange between the two involving a super kick into a clothesline. Things broke down when Owens went to the outside Ambrose followed him with a suicide dive and KO went flying over the announce table. Both men were counted out but the fight continued. Fighting into the fans and onto the stage Ambrose threw Owens into the big WWE sign then dived off the stage onto him. Crazy, and the brawl continued KO went to powerbomb Ambrose onto some production boxes but he reversed it into a back body drop. It wasn’t over yet as Ambrose dove at Owens and both men went through tables. This has potential to be a fantastic feud and it’s already a good one. Two men who have great characters they are good wrestlers and have the fans invested in them. The IC title is slowly getting back its prestige used on Smackdown in the main event, Matches and feuds like this things can only get better for the Intercontinental Championship.

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