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Taryn Terrell Leaves TNA

Impact Wrestling will return to TV tomorrow night on Pop TV, but it will do so without former Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell. After months of speculation regarding her status, Taryn took to YouTube earlier today and announced that she will not be returning to TNA, parting ways with the promotion after 3 years.

tarynTerrell1To say that Taryn has had a spectacular career in TNA would be an understatement. Taryn, who was in WWE from 2007-2010, joined TNA in the summer of 2012 as a referee in Knockouts matches. It was in January 2013 that Taryn was put in an angle with top heel Gail Kim, which had Gail constantly berating Taryn during her matches. The rivalry came to a head when Taryn attacked Gail at that year’s Lockdown, and after the attack, she was relieved from her duties as a referee, but became an in-ring competitor. Taryn’s feud with Gail included a monumental Last Knockout Standing Match at Slammiversary, which Taryn won. The original plans stemming from the win would have had her capturing the Knockouts Championship from the villainous Mickie James at Bound For Glory, but Taryn became pregnant during that summer and went on maternity leave.

After giving birth, Taryn returned to TNA in June 2014, partnering with her now-babyface former rival Gail against The Beautiful People. As expected, Taryn’s push resumed after her return, beginning with an angle with Madison Rayne which included Madison eventually turning villainous and attacking her. After defeating Madison, Taryn finally captured the Knockouts Championship in a three-way match against Gail Kim and entering champion Havok on November 19, 2014. Taryn’s first title defense was in a battle royal on January 7, 2015.

TT2Taryn underwent a villainous turn in April 2015, when she revealed herself as the leader of the Dollhouse faction, with Jade and Marti Bell. Taryn’s heel turn led to her becoming the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in TNA history, which included reigniting her feud with Gail and battling against Awesome Kong and Brooke Tessmacher. Taryn’s title reign finally came to an end on July 15, and she had been off TV for several months after her loss. It was in November that rumors regarding Taryn leaving TNA began, as she stated that she became a Christian and that her wrestling career was up in the air. Fans figured that it would be a matter of time before she leaves TNA, and she just made it official.

Taryn’s former Dollhouse co-horts will be in action on Impact against The Beautiful People, but I have to wonder about the future of the faction beyond that. If it were up to me, the gimmick would end and Jade, Marti, and Rebel would have different solo gimmicks, but I have a feeling that TNA would go an easier route and keep the gimmick going with Jade as their leader. Taryn had a very stellar wrestling career, exceeding expectations, and achieving amazing feats. I will miss seeing her on TNA TV, but with her constant movie appearances, I have a feeling that she’ll thrive in a different forum.

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