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5 Things We Learned From Raw

1.) Fight Ambrose Fight

After an incredible match with Neville; Owens would attack Neville, off the announce table into the ring, Ambrose would dive right on Owens.
Let the fight begin. On the outside Owens would get the upper hand and oh no. Just like last week Owens would take apart the announce table and actually attack Ambrose with it. Owens would try to throw Ambrose into the steel stairs but no, a reversal. Ambrose would then prop Owens on the table. WE GOT A FLYING LUNATIC. Ambrose would balance himself on the barricades and dive off of it on to Owens with a elbow drop. Ambrose would then hold the head of Owens and actually look crazy. This is the Ambrose we want. Image result for dean ambrose

2.)Jobber Outcast People

I’ll make this quick, Heath Slater beat Dolph Ziggler with the help of his jobber buddies Curtis Axel, Adam Rose and Bo Dallas. I can’t even believe what I just said myself.
I never heard it so quiet in a arena

Image result for heath slater


THANK YOU WWE. With New Day in the ring they would review 2015 with a count down 10,9,8,7,6
Rudy Tudy Booty is what Chris Jericho would call The New Day. For the first time ever somebody shut The New Day up, well for a bit that is. Chris Jericho would announce he will be entering his name in the Royal Rumble and will main event Wrestlemania. We will save you ten bucks and let you know that’s not happening. 

Image result for chris jericho new day

4.) Kind of a chance

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus with Vince McMahon as the referee.  Literally Bayley vs. Eva was better than this but Mr. McMahon would stack the odds against Reigns even not counting when Roman had the match won. Roman Reigns would then Superman Punch the boss and take out Sheamus. Out comes Stephanie McMahon and whoops; Roman would flip her in the ring by throwing Vince at the ropes.
Brogue Kick, in comes the Road Doggs daddy Scott Armstrong 1…2. KICK OUT. Sheamus would ask Armstrong to hold up the Roman. SUPERMAN PUNCH TO THE REF. THEN SPEAR TO SHEAMUS. Another ref comes in 1….2…3.
Roman Reigns retains.
Image result for roman reigns wwe champion

5.) The Royal Championship?

Even though Roman won Vince would get the last laugh. At the Royal Rumble Roman Reigns will defend his title against……. 29 other superstars in the Royal Rumble match. So does that mean the winner of the match wins not only the title but wins the Royal Rumble?
Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.

Image result for the royal rumble

(If we learned anything from last year don’t let Roman win The Royal Rumble.)

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