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This marks the first post of the new year for myself, and what better way to do that than kick it off with a “5 On 5” post.

Sacremento Kings (13-20) 

GeorgeKarlSKDoes anyone else except me, see that Sacramento is creeping toward that 8th spot? At the beginning of the season it was clear that there would still be issues, and no, George Karl hasn’t completely flipped the script and turned the organization into a western powerhouse, but as of right now, they aren’t far off from a possible playoff birth. It would interesting to see, if they can hold to it, and fight for like Jeff Hornacek did in his first year with the Suns. Besides, how could you not be somewhat fuzzy with a team 3rd in the league in PPG, 11th in RPG, and 4th in sharing the ball in assists. Now if only you can get them to get stops on their opponents.

Philidelphia 76ers (3-32)

JoelEmbiidThree is a whole lot better than one. In this case 3 isn’t any better to look at when the opposite column has 32 sitting in it. I honestly thought they would be stuck at 1 win for the entire season. The front office turnaround could be the small ripple in the pond this organization needs, I am certainly positive there is not a person in the league right now who doesn’t feel this teams pain. Do you think they get 7 more wins with 47 games left? Do you think Joel Embiid will ever play? Will Nerlens Noels’ hair get any taller? Find out this, and more in hopefully a better season for the woeful 76ers in the N-B-A!

We will be doing a live rabblecast of the Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks game tonight! to listen and be interactive, go to this link.

Cleveland Cavaliers (22-9)

kevin-love-0-kyrie-irving-2-and-lebron-james-23-of-the-cleveland-cavaliersCleveland is without a doubt the second best team in the NBA. Anyone with eyes can see that LeBron, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving on the floor is absolutely electrifying. As well as game changing for other teams in a playoff situation. Of course if your in the west, there is no facing them unless it’s on the big stage in The NBA Finals. Could you believe that Cleveland is as good as they are only scoring 99 points a game which is ranked 20th in the league? Yeah will all of that star power they sure don’t score a whole lot. Where it does matter however, is the defense. Keeping opponents at 94 points and holding them off the boards is a tough job. Believe me, it’s hard not to classify a team by their stats, but the numbers don’t lie. Being a first place team should speak for itself after all.

Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons

It was almost “Malice in The Field House” on Saturday night all thanks to Marcus Morris shoving Paul George. Both benches did clear to separate the teams, and luckily no beer cups were thrown and no fans were pummeled. On a basketball note, Paul George had 32 pts and 13 rbs.

Joey CrawfordJoey Crawford pic 01-02

Well, his reign is almost coming to an end. After 50+ NBA Finals games and 313+ Playoff games, it’s time to call it quits. A nagging knee problem has been the thorn for this Golden Whistle Award winner, but he has stated that upon his return, he will finish the season, and that will be all he wrote. Oh, and let’s not all forget the time he tossed Tim Duncan out of a game for laughing at him. While HE WAS ON THE BENCH!

Do you have a favorite Joey Crawford moment? Or anything to say about the struggling Sixers? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

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