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Carlos Condit and Robbie Lawler Live up to Hype

UFC195 Robbie_Lawler_vs_Carlos_Condit.0.0Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit put on a show in an early candidate for fight of the year. Although there could only be one winner, there were two winners.

Lawler won on the judges’ scorecards, which was somewhat controversial, but one thing that isn’t controversial is that these guys fought their hearts out. They went all out from bell to bell trying to knock each other’s heads off. The fight was so good fans are demanding an immediate rematch, something that is almost unheard of when the challenger is the one on the losing side.

“There was two winners tonight, and let’s do it again,” Lawler said.

Condit was disappointed, but not surprised, after losing for the fourth time in six fights despite landing 198 strikes to 78 for the champion. The third round was the only one in dispute on the judges’ scorecards, with Lawler getting the nod on two cards despite Condit’s 22 strikes to Lawler’s 10, which included a vicious elbow.

UFC-195-Robbie-Lawler-Carlos-Condit-LeaningOnCage“I don’t even remember much about what happened in the third,” Lawler said. “I was trying to live it minute by minute.”

A few moments after they spontaneously leaned on the cage together, taking deep breaths and basking in cheers, they ended the night with their arms mutually raised in victory. Lawler (27-10) was awarded the decision after a 25-minute brawl that had the MGM Grand Garden Arena crowd on its collective feet in the fantastic fifth round. Condit (30-9) landed 120 more strikes and wobbled the champion multiple times, but Lawler’s power did enough damage to win three rounds on two judges’ scorecards.

“He’s our Evander Holyfield,” UFC President Dana White said of Lawler. “He’s never in a boring fight. When he gets hurt, he continues to go toe-to-toe.”

ufc1952After watching a fight like that, I understand why people are talking about and wanting to see a re-match, but one man may have a difference of opinion. Stipe Miocic who stopped Andrei Arlovski with punches 54 seconds into the first round, likely earning a heavyweight title shot with a victory earlier in the night at UFC’s traditional New Year’s week show in its hometown.

Then there is the quote from Condit himself following the 5 round struggle, where at the end both men were struggling to lift their arms and defend against the other. I’m not dejected,” Condit said. “I have to evaluate, but there’s a possibility that might be my last one. We’ll see.”

The UFC got off to a great start in 2016 with this fight, and I hope we’ll get to see a rematch.

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