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The Chicago Bulls are looking for a Wing Scorer

The Chicago Bulls are currently 18-12, but it’s an ugly 18-12.

Bulls1The Bulls have knocked off the Cavs by two in the opener, have swept the season series vs. OKC, and are currently fourth in the NBA in defensive efficiency. But there are plenty of negatives to come out of the 2015-2016 so far for Hoiberg’s crew.

The Bulls have managed to add some ugly losses to their resume. When u get blown out by the Hornets, go 1-1 with the struggling Nets, and put forth no effort vs the Knicks, some will write you off even though you have proven you can be the best.

The Bulls have been without starting G/F Mike Dunleavy. Dunleavy, who shot 40% from 3pt range last season, is still recovering from back surgery. As of two days ago, ESPN Chicago Bulls beat writer Nick Fridell reported that Dunleavy is still two to three weeks away from on court workouts.  Mike Dunleavy brings a wing scorer and someone who can spread the floor for the Bulls. Guys like Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott have stepped into Dunleavy’s role, but the overall production is missing.

Bulls2With the rate of Dunleavy’s rehab, some are not sure if he will see the court at all this season.  So a question looms: do the Bulls continue to wait on Dunleavy or do they make a move and get a true wing scorer?

One problem the Bulls have right now is the overload of big men on the current roster.  Currently, the Bulls have Pau Gasol, Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah, and Bobby Portis. By watching the Bulls this season, there is no way all these guys can get valuable minute’s night in and night out. Pau Gasol put up career numbers last season and is a huge part of this offense, especially in the pick and roll.

Taj Gibson has a great jumper and is very aggressive in the paint, Joakim Noah has trouble staying healthy but with limited minutes, he has been effective. Lastly, the rookie Bobby Portis has played well every time he has stepped on the court this season and has proven that he should be in the rotation.Bulls3Portis

Another overload position in Chicago is the SF. Snell, McDermott, and Mirotic all get minutes at the position and packaging one of them with a big could turn into a success for the Bulls.

When I look at this, someone has to go because Portis needs to surpass someone because he is averaging 8pts and 4 reb off the bench. And don’t forget the 20 points in 24 minutes vs the Knicks.  That game really made people notice that this dude can play and he has been in the rotation ever since.

It’s time for the Bulls to move some guys. Joakim Noah’s contract is up at the end of the season but it could be hard to move him due to age and injury problems. The former defensive player of the year and one time MVP candidate is not that anymore. Taj Gibson could be a starter on any other team with his jump shot, post moves and aggressiveness in the paint. Teams would be interested in Gibson no doubt.

Portis needs more minutes and that is a given. He can be a part of something special down the road for this franchise. Out with the old and in with the new is what the front office has to see at this point in time.

Now, there are plenty of wing scorers in the NBA, it up to the Bulls to look for a quality G/F to spread the floor and give Derrick some option off the drive and kick.  Here are some possible trade scenarios I could see happening for the Bulls.


Trade #1: Sacramento Kings get Taj Gibson, Tony Snell, and a conditional 2nd round pick; the Chicago Bulls receive Rudy Gay.

RudyGayWhile this trade seems a little out there, both teams could benefit from it. The Sacramento Kings could really use Taj off the bench to backup Demarcus Cousins and could possibly fit nicely next to Cousins as well. The Kings could also place Cauley-Stein and Gibson on the court together too.

Tony Snell would replace Gay in the rotation. Also, up and coming star Omri Casspi comes off the bench currently and leads the NBA in three point shooting. He could be upgraded to the starting lineup upon Gay’s departure.

Yes, someone is beating out Curry? Surprised by this?

Another reason I see this working is that the Kings are currently 12-20 and are still having problems with George Karl and Demarcus Cosuins. It may be rebuilding time in Sacramento and Snell could be a huge part of it. Snell is a decent defender and when he gets hot from the outside, there is not stopping him. For Gibson, he is still only 30 years young and has at least 3-4 more years of play at his level left.

For the Bulls, it’s obvious for them.  It would free up minutes for Bobby Portis and give them the wing scorer they desperately need.


Trade #2: New Orleans Pelicans get Taj Gibson, Tony Snell, and a conditional 2nd round pick; the Chicago Bulls receive Tyreke Evans

tyreke-evansThe New Orleans Pelicans should take this trade. Taj Gibson would easily replace Dante Cunningham in the rotation and would be a huge boost to this team. Tony Snell would give the Pelicans some depth behind Alonzo Gee. The Pelicans are also 10-22 and may not be afraid to makes some moves. Also, the second round pick could be valuable as the Pelicans can build through the draft and add young players next to Anthony Davis.

For Chicago, Evans would be huge. Jimmy Butler could finally play small forward like he should be and Evans can handle the shooting guard duties.  Evans also averages 7.2 assist per game which is great because that means he will be giving Bobby Portis a lot!

These are just two ideas that make sense financially for both teams.  Tony Snell can be up and down at times but he has potential that some may see in him. Gibson is no doubt a sixth man that will put up big numbers right away as long as his minutes are given to him.

The Bulls may not be able to wait for Dunleavy. Again, he still hasn’t gotten back on the court and he is 35 years old. The Bulls should look to add a wing if they want to continue to be a force to reckon with in the East.


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