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Manny Pacquiao will fight Tim Bradley April 9th for the 3rd time

mptb1Manny Pacquiao finally made the decision to fight welterweight title holder Tim Bradley for the third time. The fight will take place April 9th on HBO pay-per-view live from the MGM Grand. Manny Pacquiao will earn 20 million dollars guaranteed and 2 million dollars up front.  The public reaction on social media was negative when they found out this fight would happen. Even though technically Tim Bradley won the first fight. Most people thought Pacquiao was robbed of the first fight, and overall he leads the series 2-0 on Bradley.

Arum said he knew that many boxing fans would react negatively to the fight, but said, “This is a different Timothy Bradley under the aegis of Teddy Atlas,” Arum then continued with, “This is not me just saying that. The Bradley that fought Rios, whatever you thought about Rios, was a different fighter. It’s still Bradley, but a new Bradley with Teddy. And at this point of his career, can Manny handle that? Remember, Manny is also coming off an injury.”

mptb2“Anyone who has watched me on ESPN for nearly 20 years knows I’m not one to throw out superlatives unless I believe them, but Pacquiao is one of the best fighters of the last decade,” Atlas said. “It’ll be a tough challenge, but we’ll make sure we’re ready for [it]. We will respect the challenge Pacquiao presents. We will do what we’re supposed to do and be 100 percent prepared. It will be a difficult fight.”

This will likely be Pacquiao’s last fight of his career because he is being elected in the senate in the Philippines. “I am not going to position this as his last fight,” Arum said. “It may very well be his last fight, but I won’t put myself in the position of selling it as his last fight and then he decides he wants to fight again and I look like a schmuck. I’m not sure it is his last fight, despite what he told me.”



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