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3 Things We Learned From Smackdown

The last Smackdown of 2015 and the last one before it moved to a new home.

What happened on the New Year Eve’s edition of Smackdown and what did we learn?

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1.WWE Really Can Do Six Man Tags

We started SD with Six Man action,with Sin Cara carrying an injury Kalisto called upon the Dudley’s to take on the New Day. One thing I have noticed in the WWE is that they have great tag matches. Not standard tag matches but with six or more men. Ever since the Shield débuted and with that continued with the Wyatt’s and New Day.

WWE can call upon these team to go against any three men. This match was another example of that. With Devon and Kalisto worked on during the match the hot tag was Bubba’s. He exploded into the ring and threw Woods around then hit the 3D. Kalisto was then tagged back in and hit an incredible top rope off Bubba’s shoulders Senton. If that wasn’t enough a tilt a whirl DDT followed on Woods and Big E was hit with the 3D. Kofi got the tag for the New Day but was only there to take the Salida del Dol from Kalisto. The cherry on top was the Dudley’s putting Woods through a table. Another example of the WWE getting something right and 2016 could be a very big year for Kalisto.


2.Team Bad To Worse

The Diva’s Revolution, remember that? Well on SD things didn’t get much better. Sasha Banks a wrestler I believe is a top-tier talent was put with Naomi and Tamina in Team Bad on her main roster debut. Since then they have taking a back seat to Team Bella and the Paige and Charlotte feud. The rivalry for the Diva’s title has not worked and with the recent boring chants for their matches and other Diva matches something is seriously wrong case in point SD. Team Bad need momentum and with that victories so it was a step back when they faced Brie and Fox. It wasn’t a bad match just the wrong result. We need to know more about them(and not just they have a famous dad). The simplicity in NXT with the woman is night and day with WWE. With the Banks Bayley feud in NXT we knew everything about their characters how hard they worked and what it meant. Sasha Banks can be the future of the Divas Division but she won’t do it with Team Bad.

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3. Shield Stronger Than Ever.

It’s been quite the year for the former Shield boys. Both champions at year’s end and still teaming up and without a hint of dissension. On SD they teamed up against Sheamus and Owens, it made sense seeing as they were each others opponent at TLC. Owens and Sheamus made quite the impressive tag team and the League of Nations could do worse than looking at him.They worked on Ambrose for the majority of the match but Reigns managed to get the hot tag in. Roman was whopping Sheamus until Owens got involved and used the ring post on Reigns for the disqualification. They brawled after the bell and Reigns saved Ambrose going though an announce table and hitting the Spear to end Smackdown. Even though it ended in a DQ each man gave a good account of themselves. Owens should have a bright 2016 and the smart fans love him. Sheamus is in the best position he has been in for quite some time. He should be happy no matter what his plans are. I would like to see Ambrose and Reigns have a Tag Title reign (no pun intended) even if it was only for a couple of weeks.Then go their separate way but that will probably end in tears for them.

So that was it for the WWE in 2015. What can we expect from them in 2016?

Who knows but it should be one heck of a ride!

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