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WWE Breaking Ground Episode 9: Countdown

So we ended last week’s episode with Dana Brooke looking like she had been seriously injured by Asuka we would find out later what Dana’s condition was, because we started this weeks episode with Bayley.


Bayley was backstage at Night of Champions and gets some advice from Natalya. They exchange pleasantries  It’s nice to know Bayley has someone with that amount of knowledge is only a good thing. Bayley does some promos for the NXT Takeover event she is main eventing. When talking about the match she starts to cry and I think that just show’s the passion.

Tito’s up next. Adam Pearce and Matt Bloom joined him to watch some tapes of himself wrestling. They watch his mistake from last week but he seems keen to learn. Asking what he can improve about himself. Tito was back in the ring doing extra training. He knows he’s green but hard work and dedication will go along way.

We are in the medical facility at the PC. Dana was laying on the table with the doctor examines her. She might not be able to perform on the Takeover event.

NiaJaxNia Jax is at home with her mum going through the last bits of preparation for her debut. Her mum is German which I though was different and we learned about her journey through the PC. Baron and Rhyno wound up Nia Jax saying she was going to make a mistake in her match. She tries on her new wrestling outfit and she seems comfortable in it. Mojo agrees.With Mum looking on Nia debuts. She did really well and it was a real family moment.

Tyler Breeze found a stray dog and the law in Florida is stray dogs get put down after 48 hours. Well Breeze wasn’t having this so rang his girlfriend to see if she wanted a dog. Problem solved!

Mattel was in town scanning some of the NXT talent faces to make wrestling figures. Showing the popularity of NXT did we ever think the development league would have figures? Bayley is shown her very first Bayley figure. For her she must be on cloud nine at the moment.

samiZaynSami Zayn was still awaiting medical clearance. He was back in the ring bumping and he said he was getting dizzy on the rolls. He was in there with Ty Dillinger and seemed to be alright but making it through the drills doesn’t mean he’s cleared yet.

It was time for NXT Takeover and we were live. Breeze and Crews were seen getting ready and they told us how much it means. Dana was cleared to wrestle but she had to go up against Asuka. Dana was talking to Jordan who was going to be on the event as well. Both couldn’t wait for the show to begin but Jordan was waiting for his attire to arrive. Dana on the other hand was worried about her injury.

Bayley was showing nerves going into the event could she handle the pressure or would it be too much ? We would find out next week in the season finale.

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