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5 Things We Learned From RAW

5 Things We Learned From RAW

1.) No chance in jail
I got an idea lets have Vince McMahon try to have Roman arrested but instead he gets arrested for putting his hands on the police.
My question is why did it take a billionaire almost an hours to post bail

2.)Jobber Battle Royal
During Miz Tv we would try to review 2015 but we would be interrupted by Ryback (no one cares). What we care about is that also interrupting Miz would be Golddust (I guess we care), R Truth (He’s likable), Zack Ryder (WOOO WOO WOOO), Heath Slater (HIT HIS MUSIC, THE CROWD IS GOING CRAZY). They would all be crushed by the Big Show as he named himself the first entry in the Royal Rumble.
To think this segment was going so good.

Image result for the big show

After a match Dean Ambrose would be attacked by Kevin Owens. Owens would send Ambrose into the steel steps then powerbombing him on the announce table. I mean it’s not like the announce time needed it.

Please Vince, Brock vs. Kevin at Wrestlmania.

John Cena would return !!!! And he would go against Alberto Del Rio but not for the US title. Well that’s until Cena goated Del Rio until putting the title on the line. In an okay match the ref would get knocked down and The League of Nations …. Where the heck is Wade Bar… Nevermind. They attacked, but Cena would get the upper hand on them eventually and AA Del Rio 1…2. The League would attack. Here come the Usos and there go the Usos. Who will save the day ? ROMAN REIGNS WITH A SPEAR AND SUPERMAN PUNCH FOR ALL. Reigns would use a steel chair on Sheamus. Good to see Reigns is still in the giving spirit.

5.) Roman “Cold Steve” Reigns
After Roman Reigns came to help John Cena and the Usos from the League of Nations minus Wade Barrett; Mr. Mchamon would announce that next week it will be Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And also there will be a special guest referee.. Vincent Kennedy McMamon. Hmm why does this seem like I’ve seen this story line before. A rebel without a case against the big boss.

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