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 Nowadays December is not known for the biggest wrestling events but back in the day, Christmas was a big time. Especially for WCW in 1982 when they had their Christmas Star Wars event 12.000 people showed up on Christmas Day to see their favorites. A lot has changed since then, let’s take a look.




WCW Starrcade

(December 26th 1988)

WWE will never tell you but back in the day they pulled some very dirty tricks. One of these was back in 1987 the first Survivor Series event was scheduled to be held in November. Now since 1983 WCW had always had Starrcade around the Thanksgiving time but with Survivor Series McMahon threatened cable companies who aired the NWA Starrcade(which was going head-to-head with Survivor Series on Thanksgiving night, 1987) instead of Survivor Series that they would not be allowed to broadcast WrestleMania IV. Most cable providers gave into McMahon’s threat and only a handful aired Starrcade. So the following year they held the event in December. In the mean time Ted Turner had bought the company and turned it into WCW. The event itself wasn’t one for the ages, Mr WCW Ric Flair defended his World title against Lex Luger.

season beatings

WWF In Your House 5: Season’s Beatings

(December 17th 1995)

WWE’s first foray into December PPV’s was the aptly named In Your House: Season’s Beatings. It featured one of the most underrated WWE Title matches. In a rematch from Summerslam 92 the British Bulldog went to war with Bret Hart. The Hitman was in his prime and could carry anybody to a decent match. In this one Bulldog carried his weight as well. Even if they did focus on Diana Hart (Bret’s Sister Bulldog’s Wife) it still holds up now. Bret won thanks to a roll up and would be on a collision course with HBK. Elsewhere on the card Triple H was in a Hog Pen match with Henry Godwin. In which Hunter took a ridiculous bump into the muck. You wouldn’t see the COO doing that now. Also Undertaker beat Mabel in one of the worst casket matches of all time.


WCW Starrcade

(December 19th 1999)

I had to feature Bret Hart again but this time in a moment I’m sure he wishes never happened. In the main event Bret was defending his WCW title against Bill Goldberg. Now Goldberg was a man who had gone 176 and 0 in WCW. It was an impressive record but most of these were quick squash matches. Even after being in WCW for two years Bill was still green as grass. Bret had said since that Goldberg was using kicks and punches that were far too stiff and difficult to do correctly. During the match Bret was whipped into the ropes and caught with a full force kick to the head. The match continued and Bret won thanks to a rehash of the Montreal Screwjob. Elsewhere on the card Benoit and Jarrett had a choice ladder match. This was Bret’s last PPV as a wrestler and he retired in early 2000.


WWF Vengeance 2001

(December 9th 2001)

The Invasion had come and gone and WCW was all but over. All that was left was the WCW Championship which was held by the Rock and it was renamed the World Championship. We were told that for the first time in 50 years there would be just one undisputed champion. The WWF Champion Stone Cold who led WCW before it fell had been feuding with Kurt Angle. The Rock was in a rivalry with Chris Jericho. Vince McMahon and Ric Falir who were 50/50 partners back then decided that there would be three matches. So it was set, 4 Superstars, 3 Matches, 2 Championships, 1 Winner. Austin defeated Angle with the Stone Cold stunner in a disappointing match. There feud over the summer had giving us classic matches. The next match was when WWE History changed in what was a match everybody thought the Rock would win, but he didn’t. Jericho won thanks to Vince McMahon’s involvement who got in the ring and distracted the referee whilst Y2J hit a low blow and People’s elbow for the win. So the final was the Rattlesnake versus the man nobody thought would win. It began as a massive brawl and didn’t really improve both men were tired. In the end a ref bump led to Booker T showing up and hitting Austin in the head with the title. Jericho had just enough to cover Stone Cold to become the first ever Undisputed Champion.


WWE Armageddon

(December 16th 2007)

Before TLC, Armageddon was the signature event in December, In this edition Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista and the Undertaker. After Undertaker had hit a tombstone on Batista and looked to have won it only for the ultimate opportunist to hit the Deadman with a chair and pinning Batista. This match was a part of the feud between these three men which lasted between 07 and 08. Elsewhere on the card Jeff Hardy beat Triple H to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship. The Champion Randy Orton was defending against the returning Y2J who had been away from WWE since 2005. It showed and the match was not one you would like to see again. It ended with JBL getting involved by kicking Y2J in the head leading to a DQ. Apparently JBL who had been on commentary didn’t like the way Jericho disrespected him.



tlc 13


(December 15th 2013)

Leading up to this event Randy Orton had been WWE Champion and head of the Authority. John Cena had won the World Championship in October beating Del Rio and it was time to just have one champion. The WWE had forgotten to tell us they did this back in 2001 but they probably wouldn’t listen anyway. In the match both man gave everything they had and it turned into quite an enjoyable affair. In the end Orton cuffs Cena to the bottom rope. Orton tosses the key out into the crowd. Cena tries to break the cuff chain while Orton walks up the ramp and grabs the tallest ladder there is. Cena struggles with the cuff chain and unscrews the bottom rope from the turnbuckle. Cena meets Orton at the top of the ladder with the belts, bottom rope still hooked to him. Cena beats Orton in the head and knocks him to the mat. Cena is hung up on the loose bottom rope and has a problem getting the belts. Orton grabs the bottom rope and tries to pull Cena off the ladder with it. The ladder tips and Cena falls face first into a ladder. Orton stands the ladder back up and takes his time and yanks the titles of its hook, thus becoming the first ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Elsewhere on the card CM Punk beat the Shield in a three on one handicap match. Not sure what the WWE were thinking then but Punk still wasn’t happy he left the WWE the following month. Also Daniel Bryan lost to the Wyatts in another three on one handicap match. WWE loved handicap matches at the time.

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