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If the NFL Play-offs Started Today, & the What If’s

NFLfootballwithLogoThis article sets out to do 2 things for the NFL fan. First, let you know where your favorite team (and every team) is in the current play-off picture if the Nfl play-offs were to start today. Second, to give you all the what if possibilities so you know who to rout for and against this Sunday. Here we go….


The #1 seed is currently the Carolina Panthers, and the #2 seed currently is the Arizona Cardinals. Both of these teams will receive 1st round byes in the current play-off picture. But, the Cardinals could still be the #1 seed if they win at home against Seattle and the Panthers loose to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their is a significant difference in the #1 and #2 seeds. If you are the #1 seed, you are guaranteed home field advantage through out the play-offs and you also get to play the lower seeded team who advances from Wild Card Weekend.

Currently the Green Bay Packers are the 3rd seed, and would play the 6th seed Seattle Seahawks in Green Bay. While the 4th seed Washington Redskins would host the Minnesota Vikings. But there is still one week in the season, and of course that means these two games could change.

These are the only six teams in the play-off in the NFC. Even though there is still one more week in the season, the six teams above can shuffle, but all of them will be in the play-offs. The Redskins are locked into the 4th seed. No matter if they win or loose on Sunday, at the end of the day, they will still be the 4th seed.

Would you rather have a road game in Washington or a home game against the Seahawks? That is the decision facing both the Packers and the Vikings as they meet Sunday night to decide the division winner of the NFC North. The Packers and Vikings will know their potential opponents before they suit up, but If the Packers lose to Minnesota, they will be the No. 5 seed and head to Washington regardless.

nfl-teamsThings are more complicated for the Vikings. If Seattle wins in Arizona on Sunday afternoon, the Vikings could fall to the No. 6 seed with a loss on Sunday night. That would then mean trips to Lambeau in back-to-back weeks for Minnesota. But if the Seahawks lose in Arizona, that would lock them into the No. 6 seed and they would in turn play the NFC North Champion.


This division is absolutely crazy, and very little is undecided. Monday night’s pivotal game did decide a few things. With the win, Denver will make the post-season no matter what happens this Sunday. The loss also assures the Bengals can not get the #1 seed, that will go to either the Patriots, who can clinch it with a win against Miami or the Broncos now a shot if they beat San Diego and the Patriots loose to the Dolphins. Currently, the #1 seed would be the Patriots and the #2 seed would be the Broncos.

The Bengals, despite the loss, do still have the chance to get the #2 seed and the first round bye if they beat the Ravens on Sunday and the Broncos fall to the Chargers.

Currently though, the Bengals do have the #3 seed and they would play the # 6 seed Jets at home on Wild Card Weekend. The second Wild Card game would be the #4 seed Houston Texans hosting the #5 seed Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs could still win the division, if they win and the Broncos loose. They would then jump up to the #3 seed and the Broncos would then fall to the 5th seed. If the Texans win, they then clinch their division and lock themselves into the #4 seed, and they will host the #5 seed at home.

Unlike the NFC, the AFC also has two other teams in the play-off mix, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Indianapolis Colts. They are long shots, but have not been eliminated. The only way the Steelers can make the play-offs is with a win against the Browns, and the Bills have to beat the Jets. The Colts needed to have 10 different things to happen in order to win. The good news is that now, after the Monday night win by the Broncos, they only have to have 9 things happen, the bad thing is they still have to have 9 things fall perfectly into place.

Here is my prediction for Wild Card Weekendnfl-afc-nfc

I am going to say the Panthers and Cardinals get the bye in the NFC. I think the Vikings will win Sunday Night, and the two games the next weekend will be the Seahawks at the Vikings and the Redskins will host the Packers.

The AFC will have the #3 Seed Bengals as they host the #6 seed Jets. And the Texans will host the Chiefs as the Texans are the #4 seed and the Chiefs are the #5 seed.

When the dust settles on Sunday, I think the way the current standings are at the end of week 16 will be the way the standings will be after week 17 with the exception of the Vikings and Packers trading places.


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