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Only Ones Without the Monday NFL Blues

Going into the week 16 match-up, Bengals fans are actually looking forward to Monday. Work may drag for them, but they are looking forward to Monday night.Cincinnati-Bengals-vs-Denver-Broncos-NFL-Monday-Night-Football-660x330

Sunday resulted in the Bengals clinching the AFC North when the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers. The race for 1st place in the AFC also tightened as the New York Jets defeated the New England Patriots.

Bengals go into their Monday night match-up with their starters, Andy Dalton & Tyler Eifert, still on the sidelines. The Broncos & Bengals are both going in with what are considered their 2nd string QBs. This game has playoff implications for both teams. The Broncos are still looking to secure a playoff spot. The Bengals are looking to secure a 1st round bye. In order for the Bengals to secure the #1 seed, they need to win out & need the Patriots to lose at least 1 more game. But, the Bengals have already clinched a playoff spot.

It is a game of premier defenses. The Denver Broncos have the #1 defense in the league while the Bengals have the #9 defense in the league. Bengals defense gives up the fewest points allowed per game with an average 17.4 points allowed. Another thing to look at is the tendencies. Osweiler tends to fall apart in the 2nd half. The Bengals defense tends to intensify during the 2nd half.

BengalsPlayersWhat would a 1st round bye mean for the Bengals? A 1st round bye would mean that the Bengals had another week for their starting quarterback, Andy Dalton, to heal going into the playoffs. A 1st round bye would also been seen as a bit of a refresher given the problems the Bengals have had with the 1st round games.

I can not wait for this game tonight. But, as a Bengals fan, when two teams are this evenly matched, whoever has the home field usually has the advantage. Tonight the Broncos have that distinction, and unfortunately, the Bengals have a distinction too. Being blinded by the bright lights.

Who do you think will win the last Monday night football game of the year? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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