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WWE Breaking Ground Episode 8 Crossroads

Last week’s episode ended with Triple H asking to have a meeting with Bayley and Sasha Banks but what was it all about?bayley-triple-h-nxt-642

Well he said that they were performing brilliantly and after Takeover Brooklyn that they deserved to be in the main event of the next Takeover event. For the first time ever in WWE or NXT the Woman’s Championship would be defended in a 30 Minute Ironman match in the main event. Banks burst into tears and Bayley was shocked but the Game explained he wasn’t giving it to them, they had earned it.

Around the table the coaching staff were choosing what talent was performing on the upcoming live show. Tito who has been a fixture on BG recently and he was the subject of much of the discussion. Coming in from a different sport and returning from injury Tito has a lot of hills to climb but there is potential. He would be fighting Apollo Crews at the NXT event. He was confident and looked like a million dollars but what would the exchange rate be for performance? During the match things seemed to be going well until Tito span out of a drop-kick. The reason this is dangerous is Tito can’t see where he’s landing and can put Apollo at risk. Matt Bloom was furious, the strikes Tito threw weren’t good enough either. He was told to keep things simple. Tito was visibly upset he thought the match went great but Corbin was there to offer some advice. Finally he was demoted to beginners training even Corbin couldn’t cheer him up after that.

Razor_Ramon_posing BaronCScott Hall was at the PC. He was there for a week he would watch the young talent and give out advice. Hall was a fantastic worker back in the day and one of the best wrestling brains out there. If it wasn’t for personal demons who knows what he might of become. Corbin was in for some personal time with Hall and it was great opportunity for Baron to develop more of a personality.

Sami Zayn a man we haven’t seen a lot of was training in the gym. Since injuring himself against John Cena seven months ago in his home town on his début on RAW it’s been tough for him. He said that a few of his friends have told him he wouldn’t make it in the WWE. With friend like that who needs enemies? Zayn was helping Eva Marie with some basic training. Even though he was injured he could still help out at the PC.

Promo Class is my favourite bit on BG and on this episode Scott Hall was watching on. Apollo Crews had been struggling with Promos and Regal asked Hall to teach him a few things. Crews took the advice on board he needed to just be himself.

Big Josh from Tough Enough was back. He was understandably missing his family. Robbie Brookside was there telling him there was a lot of work to do. As soon as his family was with him that would help too. His family did arrive and for the first time Josh felt at home.Dana-Brooke-NXT-600x250

Dana Brooke was seen training showing dedication has never been a problem for her. She was showing a couple of rookies a few tricks. Speaking of Diva’s Nia Jax was closing in on her début. Going through the final costume she had help from Hugo Knox and Sunny Dhinsa. I can confirm they are no relation to Mike Knox or Sunny. She was nervous and wanted to make a good impression. Back to Dana and she wanted to go face to face with Asuka. One of the newest talents to NXT she is known for being one of the toughest woman in wrestling. That didn’t put Brooke off and credit to her, but disaster struck as it looked like she was seriously hurt as BG ended.





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