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NXT 12-23-15

SSE Wembley in London for NXT

Aiden English & Simon Gotch
The Vaudevillians !!!!Vaudevillians
MOJO Rawley & Zack Ryder
The Hype Bros
The Freddy … I mean
Blake & Murphy w/ Alexa
The World’s Greatest Tag Team 2.0
Fatal Four way TagTeam match
Here we go
Starting off Gable and English of course Gable looked great because he is so great. Until Mojo tagged in, remember we are in London. The crowd hated that and asked for Gable. Gable cleared house and so would Jordan; everyone would hop inside and stand off. Business would pick up as soon as Gable got back in and the crowd would go crazy as he used his technical wrestling skills against The Vaudevillians and Blake and Murphy. Blake would actually stop the momentum and stomp him as he put an arm bar on Murphy.
Aiden English and Simon Gotch would ground Chad Gable and trap him in the corner. Gable would get the knees after a missed swanton and a backflip reversal he would finally tag in Jason Jordan. JORDAN WOULD CLEAR HOUSE AND SUPLEX EVERYONE. (Brock would be proud)
DOWN COME THE STRAPS. SUPLEX TO BLAKE. 1…2. Mojo would break it up and The Vaudevillians would be sent outside. The crowd really doesn’t like The Hype Bros but Zack Ryder would hit a dive outside on The Villains. Mojo would be sent out by Murphy but oh no Jordan would get Murphy in belly to belly position. BELLY TO BELLY THROWING MURPHY OUTSIDE ON TOP OF EVERYONE ON THE OUTSIDE.  SPEAR TO BLAKE. TAG IN GABLE, RUNNING BACK SUPLEX . 1…..2….3

Winners: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable

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Let’s get Fit
Bull Dempsey would make his way to the ring. His opponent the debuting Elias Samson and his guitar. The match would start and Dempsey would take it to Sampson until Bull Bull Bull Bull ( off the rope) oh no knee to the gut. Sampson to the top rope. Really his finisher is a diving elbow drop. Okay Randy Savage

Winner: Elias Sampson

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10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
The Perfect 10 for 10,000 fans in the arena
Tye Dillinger would make his perfect way to the ring.
Sami Zayn is back after 7 months!!!
The crowd would go crazy !! Chanting welcome back
Dillinger would go after the left shoulder, the injured shoulder of Sami Zayn. Sami would start his offense off with his familiar arm drags then his outside di….. Nope no outside dive just Sami bouncing off the ropes into a backflip to the joy of the crowd “Oh Lay”. Dillinger would get his foot and force Zayn outside and be sent shoulder first into ring post after chops from Zayn. Remember that’s the shoulder that kept Zayn out for 7 months. Dillinger would force most of his attack on that arm and ground Zayn. Zayn would fight back with clotheline after clotheline, then punches in the corner followed by a fisherman suplex. The crowd would start to get behind Zayn as Dillinger rolled out. Here we go !!!
SAMI ZAYN OVER THE TOPE ROPE WITH A DIVING FLIP. Man that was a perfect 10, sorry Tye. Back in the ring and Dillinger would charge at Zayn but no Blue Thunder Bomb !!! 1…2 KICKOUT. Dillinger in the corner and Sami would charge for the Helluva Kick. Dillinger would dodge and hit Zayn with a tasty super kick. 1….2 KICKOUT. Dillinger would get Sami in the corner but EXPLODER SUPLEX.. We all know what comes next.

Winner: Sami Zayn

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