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Baseball 101; 5/10 Rights

BrandonPhillipsThis week on Baseball 101, we walk up to the chalkboard and write 5/10 Rights on the board. Can anyone tell me what this means? Since I don’t see any hands, let me use my words.

Earlier this week and towards the end of last week it was reported that Cincinnati Reds 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips was going to be traded from the Reds to the Washington Nationals. But, it was also reported that Phillips wanted a little more financial commitment from the Nationals, and when they were unwilling to do that, Phillips then voided the trade using his 5/10 rights.

Yes, you read that correctly, even though the two teams had a trade consummated one of the players involved in the trade was able to reject the trade. He was able to do so because he has 5/10 Rights. 5/10 rights is whereby players who have been with their current club for 5 consecutive years and have been a major league player for 10 years cannot be traded without their consent.  The players’ union wants these rights to mean something, so players are discouraged from waiving them.BPleaping

But, should the player be able to over ride the team that pays them? I understand the concept that these players have earned this right by playing in the game for 10 years and that they have obviously been loyal to their current team for at lest 5 years, but the regular working class does not have that luxury.

JosePerazaIn this example, the Cincinnati Reds loose a lot as an organization. They are trying to trade off their more expensive older parts. Phillips qualifies in both categories as he is 35 years old and is owed $27 million over the next 2 seasons. Plus the Reds just traded slugging third baseman Todd Frazier in a three team deal that netted them a young second baseman, who would have taken Phillip’s spot who is Jose Peraza. He is younger at age 21 and cheaper as he would make the league minimum this season or around $550,000 saving the reds around $12.5 million this season alone.

It is no secret the Reds are starting a rebuilding movement and they would have loved for that to have been evident at second base with Peraza instead of Phillips. Now, essentially, the Reds are 2 full seasons behind at second base. Is that fair? Should major league players have this luxury? What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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