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10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 15


1. OBJ Suspended


What was that? Odell Beckham Jr. had such an embarrassing, idiotic, and disgusting game against the Panthers on Sunday that will cost him next week’s game. Intentionally running and diving to slam his helmet into Josh Norman is not the way to get back at him, it’s a way to cause him injury and pain for the rest of his life. Now the media is making this all 100% OBJ’s fault because the Panthers can do no wrong right now, but Norman and other Panthers players are to blame too. I’m not sure what was up with the Panthers’ player threatening Beckham with a bat in warm-ups, but Norman was obviously talking some trash too. Norman was also able to get in some dirty plays of his own. So yes, Beckham’s actions were absolutely terrible, but remember that Norman was involved too.


2. Mathieu’s Season Over

The Cardinals are having an amazing season where they are one of the popular picks to win the Super Bowl, but they will now be without safety Tyrann Mathieu for the rest of the season. It will be difficult for them to replace his athleticism and nose for the ball, but this loss won’t knock them out of title contention.


3. David Johnson Is The Future

Yes there was bad news with Mathieu this week, but Cardinals fans had plenty to cheer about when they watched the rookie David Johnson handle the ball on Sunday night. He finished the game with an amazing 229 total yards and three touchdowns on his 33 touches. His performance showed that he is the player that they hoped he could be, and he will be the one handling the heavy workload going forward for the Cardinals.


4. Texans Quarterback Woes

The Texans’ journey at the quarterback position continued on Sunday with T.J. Yates getting the start. Unfortunately for him, he suffered a torn ACL that will end his season. The Texans will now look to Brandon Weeden to lead their team. Yes, the Brandon Weeden that was cut by the Cowboys earlier.


5. Victory In Indianapolis

After 13 consecutive losses, the Texans have finally won in Indianapolis!


6. Wilson Is Crazy


Russell Wilson is an animal. He now has 1,420 passing yards with 19 touchdowns and no interceptions over the past five games. He is also completing 74% of his passes. The MVP front-runner, Cam Newton, has completed only 62.5% over that span, which by the way is quite a bit higher than his average for the rest of the season.


7. Panthers Overcome Scare

After getting out to a 35-7 lead, the Giants fought their way back by scoring 28 straight points, 21 of which were in the 4th quarter. The Panthers got the ball back with 1:46 on the clock and drove their way down the field to kick the game-winning field goal. Man…will the Giants ever close out a game?


8. Broncos Blow Lead

Much like the Panthers, the Broncos got out to a huge 27-13 lead at halftime over the Steelers. The Broncos failed to score in the second half and the offense looked horrendous. Gary Kubiak failed to make halftime adjustments, again, and got out-coached, again, as the Steelers came back to win 34-27.


9. Saints’ Pass Defense

The Saints’ pass defense may very well be the worst of all time. The next touchdown pass they give up will be number 40 on the season, tied for the most in NFL history.


10. Who’s In, Who’s Out?


With two weeks left of the NFL regular season, what’s the playoff picture look like? Let’s start with the NFC. The Panthers clinched a first-round bye this week, and the Cardinals, Packers, and Seahawks all clinched playoff berths. The other two spots are currently occupied by the Redskins and Vikings. The Eagles and Giants are still in the hunt to win the NFC East, and the Falcons are technically in the hunt, but we know they’re done.

The Patriots clinched a first-round bye this week for the AFC side of the playoffs, and the Bengals are the only other team that has clinched a playoff berth. The rest of the spots are completely up for grabs. The Broncos sit at 10-4 atop the AFC West, but the Chiefs are at 9-5 and one of the Wild Cards. The 9-5 Steelers are the other Wild Card while the 9-5 Jets are currently out. The disastrous AFC South teams are also competing for the final divisional spot. It is currently occupied by the Texans who sit at 7-7, but the 6-8 Colts and the 5-9 Jaguars are not dead yet.

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