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5 Things We Learned From Raw

5 Things We Learned From RAW

7 Days
1.) What a difference seven days can make, we went from an incredible Raw last week back to the Monday night blues. It really can’t be that hard to keep RAW interesting can it?
In other news it was the Slammys so it couldn’t be that bad right … Right ?

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The Slammys
2.) A lot of things wrong with the Slammys. First how does Kevin Owens not win breakout star of the year but instead Neville does. Do we have to remind you he was an NXT champion, he beat John Cena clean in his debut, he became Intercontinental champion and lastly he is the best heel on the roster. Who do you know that blocks Sabrina the teenage witch on Twitter. Other than that the people who won weren’t even there expect for the one we all cared about. Superstar of the Year which went to

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The Future

3.) Your superstar of the year
SETH ROLLINS. Crutches and all Seth Rollins came to accept his award for Superstar of the Year. Well deserved seeing how he was the first to cash in money in the bank at Wrestlemania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He became the first to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship at the same time. At the age of 29 Seth Rollins is already accomplished
WWE World Heavyweight Champion
United States Championship
NXT Champion
Mr. Money in the bank
Tag Team Champion
Superstar of the Year.
The future is looking real bright

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New Day…. Kinda Sucks ??

4.) Well they don’t suck but how in heck did they not win Tag Team of the year. Big E was so mad he was gonna spoil Star Wars that came out this week but luckily Kofi Kingston stopped him because he didn’t see it.
Who won Tag Team of the year… The Usos who beat The New Day in a 3 on 2 handicap match. If it wasn’t bad already The New Day defend their titles on Smackdown tomorrow vs. The Lucha Dragons.

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The League of Ambrose Asylum

5.) Dean Ambrose would face off against Sheamus who went around earlier kicking The Usos, Jack Swaggers and Neville’s heads off. The match would be in a steel cage. Highlight would have to be Ambrose jumping on top of Sheamus from the top of the cage. As it seem like Dean was gonna win The League of Nations got involved but out came Roman Reigns of course. He would take care of the League and throw a chair in the cage with Ambrose had a lot of fun with. Later in the match it would come down to the nail, both on the outside and first man feet to hit the floor won. Sheamus head butted Ambrose and Ambrose fell to the floor and won. As Sheamus got down he was met with a spear from Roman. Glad to see Ambrose win but hate to see him be a sidekick to Reigns when he is far more talented than him.
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