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Jimmy Calls out Hoiberg, Bulls find themselves in first “Rough Patch”

I was at the 4OT game.  


The Bulls played their heart out. Jimmy Butler carried the team to what seemed to be a never ending game but couldn’t hit the last shot. Rose&Butler 

Losing a game like that is hard.  Missed opportunities are what come back to haunt you.


If you remember in the 2OT when Snell launched a full court shot at the buzzer.  After the game, Hoiberg admits he could have used a timeout. There was 2.2 seconds when Gasol grabbed the rebound.  That would have been plenty of time for the Bulls to get one last shot up before time expired.  

And if you thought the 4OT loss was bad, how about traveling out to NY for a back to back.  The Knicks were well rested and now the tired Bulls have to put guys on the floor.


Gasol, who played 54 min in the 4OT game, did not travel with the team due to rest.  


NBA: Preseason-Chicago Bulls at Charlotte HornetsThis would open up more time for Bobby Portis, who has yet to gain big minutes in his rookie campaign. By the way, he had 20 points and 11 rebounds vs. Knicks.  Think he may be taking someones minutes away….

Bulls have now lost two straight.  I’m not here to talk stats, even though Carmelo Anthony dominated Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy is a first team all defense but he didn’t get much help at MSG.


I’m here to address Jimmy Butler calling out his coach Fred Hoiberg.  


Here is what Jimmy had to say after the game: “I believe in the guys in this locker room but I also believe we probably have to be coached a lot harder at times,” Butler said in a subdued locker room. “I’m sorry, I know Fred is a laid-back guy and I really respect him for that but when guys aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do, you have to get on guys — myself included.”


On a side note, Bulls F Doug McDermott exited the game on Saturday due to right knee soreness. It is the same knee he had his meniscus operated on last December.   


Others may disagree and a lot of people did, just go to twitter and see people’s reactions, but I felt this had to be said.  Now, could have Jimmy said this behind close doors, yes but would it have had the same impact?  jimmy-butler-header


Jimmy Butler is a winner.  Jimmy Butler is a leader.  Jimmy wants to win and he is not afraid to voice his side of the story.  

I think this was perfectly fine what he said.  I do not think it is a slap in the face to Hoiberg but a wake up call.  Maybe Hoiberg takes the next step forward in his coaching tenure in Chicago.

This is the first and probably not the only rough patch this team will face under Hoiberg.  This is still his rookie year and bound to make more mistakes, everyone does it.



This had to be said.  Butler wants to be a champion.  He doesn’t care about career highs or shutting down Lebron, Jimmy wants a ring.  
The Bulls (15-10) host the Brooklyn Nets (7-19) on Monday.  At this point, we really do not know what team we will get. Will we watch the hungry, fearless Bulls or the lazy and no emotion Bulls. It’s time to turn the chapter in the Hoiberg era and wake up and dominate from here on out.  

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