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From MVP to WTW

Andy Dalton suffered an injury to his throwing hand in the week 14 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. At first glance, you would have been surprised to find out that he got injured. The replays didn’t show much. With the use of slow motion cameras, you can see Dalton hitting his hand off Stephon Tuitt’s knee after throwing the interception.Andy Dalton


The first injury updates that came out were that Dalton suffered a broken thumb that may require surgery. Surgery would have meant the end to Dalton’s season.

In the past week, we have been updated that the injury was in fact a broken thumb, but does not require surgery. Dalton’s status is considered week-to-week at the moment. He will be seeing a doctor weekly to determine his status for each week.

What will the Bengals be missing? Dalton has been the starter since his 2011 rookie season. This week will be his 1st missed start since being drafted. Dalton was having what was considered a MVP-caliber season. He received the 3rd highest amount of overall votes for the Pro Bowl. He is not practicing with the team but is attending workouts.

AJMcCarronWhat are the Bengals looking at for week 15 versus the San Francisco 49ers? They are looking at a 2nd year QB getting his 1st NFL start. Some of the normal 1st start jitters are out of the way with AJ McCarron getting to play the majority of the game in last week’s loss to Pittsburgh. Keith Wenning was promoted from practice squad. The Bengals elected to promote Wenning instead of looking for a free agent QB. Their reasoning for doing this was a combination of factors. Wenning knows their offense already & they are optimistic of a Dalton return. Another injury that is affecting the Bengals is that Eifert will be out for a 2nd consecutive week with a concussion.

Dalton is optimistic that he can make a return by week 17.

The Bengals have 1 more thing to be optimistic about going into the game versus the 49ers. A win would result in a playoff berth. A win & a PIT loss/tie would result in a playoff berth & an AFC North title.

They did beat the 49ers, but they are the 49ers. I understand a win is a win, but if you really want to impress me with a win, beat the Broncos in Denver. That will impress me. The next Bengals article will be comparing the two rookie QB’s that will be facing each other next week in AJ McCarron and Brock Osweiller.

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