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3 Things We Learned From WWE Smackdown

So this article is a little bit late but that is thanks to a certain movie being released this weekend but enough about my favorite film franchises. Smackdown was on so what did we learn?




1.League of Nations are Back to the Mid Card

We started Smackdown with the new WWE Champion Roman Reigns being escorted out of the arena. The Group who had been feuding with him had one of their members in the first match. Alberto Del Rio, the US Champ, was facing Ryback. The Big Guy has had his own problems as of late with Rusev from the League but tonight ADR was a new challenge. They had a back and forth match but there was definitely a mid card feel to it. It was only at TLC that the group looked to be on top of the world. The ending came with Ryback hitting his Meat Hook Clothesline only for the League’s music to play and Rusev,Sheamus and Barrett running down and distracting him. From behind ADR hit a big kick then beat him with the armbar. League of Nations then celebrated by beating down Ryback but if they are focused on him then their main event days have gone.





2.Lucha Dragons have the Goldeneye

It was only last week that the Lucha Dragons beat the New Day on Smackdown. A lot can change in a week in the WWE and it did. At TLC Kalisto and Sin Cara put in performances that put them top of the Tag Team Pile. Even if the New Day are still Champions the Lucha Dragons are banging on the door. They had their chance on Smackdown to become number one contenders by beating the New Day. These two tag teams have faced off a lot recently but that can be a positive as well as negative. The chemistry between the two teams has got to a point where they know each other’s moves and can have a great back and forth match. Kalisto is a star in the making but i hope the WWE keeps them together for a while. WWE can do worse than have two masked luchadors to try to make up for the merchandise lost due to Rey Mysterio leaving. New Day worked on Kalisto and he seemed out but Sin Cara using his underrated high-flying moves took out Kofi and Big E with a huge dive. Weak link Woods didn’t see Kalisto recovering and hit him with the match winning sunset flip. So next week on the live Smackdown the Lucha Dragon have their eye on gold.



3.  Three Amigos, One IC Title.

Kevin Owens disrupted Ziggler’s match vs Ambrose on RAW. After losing the IC title at TLC Owens hit both men with the pop up powerbomb. On Smackdown Dolph had a chance to get some retribution. These two men are two of the most talented workers on the roster but have been tarred by different brushes. Ziggler stuck in the mid card zone because of injuries and the WWE writers losing faith in him. Owens with the not being the right look for a WWE superstar. The match started and continued with KO in complete control, punishing Ziggler until Dolph managed to hit a Zigg Zagg on Owens onto the barricade. That was the only respite that Ziggler had because Owens hit a draping DDT to regain control. The action turned up in the closing stages a German suplex and Cannonball weren’t enough to keep Dolph down and when he hit his own superkick for the victory Owens had just enough to kick out. Ziggler was launched outside the ring and Owens after being warned by the referee carried on his assault. The ref had no choice but to ring for the bell and when it looked like Owens would powerbomb Ziggler on the stairs Ambrose came out for the save. After an exchange in the ring Owens fled leaving Ambrose the last man standing. Well until Dolph superkicked Ambrose on the outside. Was it intentional or an accident ? Whatever the case this feud is just getting started.


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