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All I want for Christmas Part 2

Last article began our hockey Christmas list, and this week I’d like to add to it. Along with Winter Classic tickets I’d like to find two new Winter Classic jerseys under the tree. Have you checked out our past article on the new design for the Bruins Winter Classic jerseys? If not, I’ll give you a quick overview.images (2)

The 2016 Boston Bruins Winter Classic jerseys are a throwback to the most original jersey. They are made with sewn on lettering, and the old-fashioned bear logo.

images (1)

With two jerseys and two tickets, I would take my business partner to the Classic so we could bond, write articles, and live tweet on our @bergalicious63 fanpage on twitter. The game is sure to be good, showcasing the legendary rivalry between the Bruins and the Canadiens. It is bound to be a great experience for all hockey fans this New Year’s.

The jerseys would help show our spirit for the game, and for our favorite team as well. So whether you’re a Canadiens fan or Bruins fan like us, add those limited edition jerseys to your list. Hopefully you’ve been good this year, and will wake up on Christmas morning to all of your hockey dreams and more! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year from us!

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