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Wait is that Triple H in the ring, I thought he was back in Connecticut healing for taking a beating from Roman; nevermind. 10,000 strong in London cause this is a revolution, this is NXT. WWE_NXT_Takeover_London_Promotional_Poster

Before I start I let you know this was the greatest crowd of all time and I wish every crowd could be like this.

Asuka vs. Emma
In our first women’s match yes I said women’s match in which I’m glad Triple H is having the commentators describe them as not divas but women; Asuka would look to take out her aggression on Emma who including Dana Brooke that have been heckling her for the past months. “Asuka gonna kill you” chants would start in London to start the match off. Asuka would try to end it early with a buzz saw kick but missed, after that they would lock up and Asuka would take control mostly of the arm and wrist. After that the kicks would come in followed by a huge running hip attack on the outside. Dana Brooke would distract Asuka and Emma would take control and takeover (not the last time I make this pun). Emma being very technically sound she would focus most of her attack on the head and arms. After a war scream from Asuka the crowd would give her a soccer type Asuka chant which would motivate her to get up and bounce off the ropes into a back slide. Emma would get up and hit her with a wicked short arm clothesline. “This Is Wrestling” chants  now from the crowd, and another Asuka war scream but even after the scream Emma would still be in control. Emma would Irish whip Asuka in the corner but it would quickly be changed into a missile drop kick by Asuka. Asuka finally finding her second wind would take it to Emma with her vicious striking. Emma would create some distance and snap on the Emma on the ropes followed by a butterfly suplex to the corner and to follow that up a devastating Emma-Sandwich. Emma would try for the Emma lock; wait no a ankle lock by Asuka followed by a huge german suplex. Asuka get the arm of Emna and go for the Asuka lock. Emma would grab the referee and they would knock him down. Dana would throw something in the ring but Asuka would be accused of having it, Emma would go for a roll up pin but it was only a trap into the ASUKA LOCK. Emma would tap but the ref didn’t see it because he was dealing with Dana. Asuka would be distracted and Emma would grab the foreign object and try keyword try to hit Asuka but oh God no, Asuka ended her night with a viscous kick to the head and I mean viscous.
Somebody count how many times I said locks for me.

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Winner: Asuka

Enzo and Big Cass vs. Dash and Dawson
NXT TagTeam Championship

Enzo bringing back the overalls, well leather overalls.
Crowd was just hype so hype so I’m just interrupting myself from now on. I do it for the love of the crowd.
Dash and Dawson make their way to the ring… Yawn.
Enzo would get it started against Dawson. GO ENZO AMORE GO ENZO AMORE GO ENZO AMORE. Dawson would get to the early advantage and tag in Dash. Enzo would sweep the leg of Dash and tag in 7’0 tall Big Cass and pound him in the corner then tag Enzo back in. Dash roll to the outside but Enzo would bring him back in. ENZO EN-ZO ENZO EN-ZO.
Tag in Big Cass. Sha lalala ahh ahh BIG CASS (to the tune of Hey June from the Beetles of course). Dash and Dawson would get Cass in a corner and do what they do best, isolate and dominate. But Cass would take them out and tag in Enzo for AIR ENZO to end it but no the champs would roll to the outside. They thought they were safe until Big Cass chucked Enzo out the ring on top of the champs. Enzo would try to go for a pin but the champs would switch their man and take advantage. Targeting the left shoulder of Enzo would wear him down. GOOO ENZO AMORE GOOO ENZO AMORE. After finally getting the tag to Big Cass following his huge DDT, Big Cass would unload on both. Dawson would go after the leg they injured weeks ago. HELLO BIG CASS. Cass would be isolated in the corner with his leg begin targeted. Dawson would go to the top rope with Dash holding Big Cass down but no Enzo would push him off and Big Cass would hit the big boot followed by AIR ENZO . 1…..2.. No Scott Dawson with the last minute save. Big Cass would be sent into the ring post and Enzo would go to the top rope. But oh God Shatter Machine from the top rope 1…2..3

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Winners: Dash&Dawson

Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews

Corbin would look to derail the fastest rising star in NXT. Note every time the announcement of a match and the announcer says one fall, I love how the crowd repeats it. Just the little things that count.
Early in the match Corbin would send Crews to the outside and he would hit his head. Corbin would yell “You should have stayed in Ring of Honor”. Question can you even say that while in WWE or even NXT?
Of course Corbin takes advantage after that and yell more at Crews. Punches in the corner with yelling and more yelling. Corbin would hit a big boot and follow up you guessed it yelling. If this was Pokemon I think he would have ran out of PP for that move already. A lot of the chants I can’t say in this article because they are against Corbin as in they use a lot of bad words I don’t want to get in trouble for. Corbin would slow down Crews but he would turn it around after small package pin but quickly again Corbin would get him and launch him into the turnbuckle. Corbin would focus on the back with a back breaker. Corbin would try to go for a dominator but I believe he botched it and fell which would help Crews send him outside. With that second to catch his breath, Crews would release blow after blow to Corbin. On the outside Crews would continue but Corbin would throw him off; MOONSAULT off the apron onto Corbin. Crews would get in the ring and start his combo but Corbin would  stop it with a spinning sidewalk slam. CREWS THERE IT IS CREWS THERE IT IS. Trying to go for the End of Days but no Crews would transition to a snap kick followed by a standing Moonsault. 1….2 NOOO.
Strike after strike and Crews would pick up Corbin for the sit down powerbomb but Corbin would escape and END OF DAYS. 1…2…3

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Winner: Baron Corbin

Sami Zayn returns 

Nia Jax would have a interview but in the corner of her eye Asuka. They would have a epic stare down.

Nia Jax vs. BAYLEY
NXT Women’s Championship

This match wasn’t beautiful, not saying bad wrestling but as in it was not your average women’s match.
Nia Jax would make her way to the ring, when she makes it up to the main roster can we just have a family faction with her, The Usos, Roman Reigns and if only for one night or something The Rock; just a thought. BUT AYEEE WE WANT SOME BAYLEYYY AYEEE WE WANT SOME BAYLEYYY. The crowd would love Bayley the most even singing ” Hey hey Bayley, (instead of baby) I want to know will you be my girl”. Once again such a great crowd. Bayley would start off striking trying to wear down Jax but she would get tossed across the ring and be taken down with a head butt. Jax would use her power just rag dolling Bayley around. Bayley would snap into a dragon sleeper but be pushed off. Bayley would follow up with back elbows and drop kicks to try and knock Jax down. Bayley would be knocked out of the air but she snap into a type of Koji Clutch. Jax would finally get knocked down and Bayley would go for a swanton bomb. 1..2 Jax’s kick out would actually knock Bailey to the apron and to the outside.  Bayley would get back in the ring and suffer three samoan drops and a leg drop. 1…2 NOOO. That would infuriate Jax and she would just hit leg drop after leg drop. What is this is Jax joining the NWO, is Bayley Randy Savage. Jax would take over … I had to but Bayley would strap on a guillotine choke hold. Jax would throw her to the ground; hold on another guillotine choke. Jax with another slam; BAYLEY ONCE AGAIN WITH THE GUILLOTINE !! TAPP TAPP TAPP TAPP TAPP. Bayley would stretch Jax out in uncomfortable way and make her tap.

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Samoa Joe vs. (Demon) Finn Balor
It makes a difference between Non Demon Balor and a Demon Balor. Joe would make his way to the ring. The demon with a top hat and the city of London on his back would make his awe inspiring way to the ring. This match is set for one fall ” ONE FALL”.
Balor would get to the early start drop kicking Joe twice and a strong running kick on the outside. Joe would get back in and roll out. Balor would get out and drop kick Joe into the steps. He try to go for the double foot stomp on the stairs but Joe would avoid; with a charging Balor at him, Joe would slam him straight down to the ring. Joe would get back in and Joe would start his effective striking. Joe would whip Balor to the corner and hit a fallaway kick. After that Joe would just ground Balor and keep him down. After chops from Joe they would go back and forth and Joe would knock the champ down. Joe would go for the senton and miss; Balor would roll out the way. Getting up Joe would be met with a side kick, Balor would try to go springboard but be chopped down by Joe. WAIT WAIT SAMOA JOE THROUGH THE ROPE AND KNOCKING DOWN BALOR.
Joe would get back in and powerbomb Balor and transition to a type of walls of Jericho to a cross face. Balor would break the hold and snap off a DDT. Balor would tee off on Joe with big chops in the corner and a corner enzuigiri.
Balor see Joe outside and dive right on top of him. Going to the top hitting the double stomp to the back of Joe 1….2. NOOO. Going for the Bloody Sunday but being pushed off Balor would just use punches and a strong kick to the head of Joe. Balor going for the running drop kick would be folded by Joe knock him down and landing with a senton. Muscle Buster time wait no reversed by Balor. Pele kick by Balor and both down. Hit after hit from each other until Joe got the rear naked choke … Balor rolled through and hit a double stomp to the chest. THIS IS AWESOME. Both at a stale mate. SLING BLADE AND TWO RUNNING DROP KICKS. JOE SPRINGS OFF FOR A CLOTHES LONE BUT RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF JOE. Balor would go up top
but Joe back to his feet. Joe going for a super Muscle Buster but no BALOR PUSHES HIM OFF AND COUP DE GRACE 1…2…3.

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Winner: (Demon) Finn Balor

Cause Demon Balor makes a difference.

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