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3 Impacts From Impact (December 16, 2015)

Last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling was basically a recap episode; a look back at the World Title Series and mainly an in-depth look at the final four remaining competitors:  Ethan Carter III, Matt Hardy, Eric Young, and Bobby Lashley. Here are the three things that stood out about last night’s Impact Wrestling.20150306hardy

  1. The semifinal matchups, to me, stand out the most. The matchups in the Final Four of the World Title Series are Ethan Carter III vs Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy vs Eric Young. Clearly, this will lead to a Hardy/EC3 final, and from there, who knows which outcome will happen. Either Hardy will finally get the title and the full celebration that he received at Bound For Glory and was tarnished when he had to surrender the title, which led to the World Title Series, or EC3 will regain the title that he claims he never lost. Either way, it should make for an interesting Final Four.
  2. There were a pair of matches last night, one of them a four-on-four match pitting two of the eight World Title Series groups against each other. It was Group X Division (Zema Ion, Mandrews, Manik, and X Division Champion Tigre Uno) vs Group Future 4 (Eli Drake, Crimson, Jesse Godderz, and Micah), and for me, the star of that match was Eli Drake, even though he ended up abandoned by his teammates for his antics, and fed to the wolves in the match, and I am not talking about Davey and Eddie. I’ve been a fan of Eli Drake since watching him on TV as Shaun Ricker a few years back. His persona amuses me and when he turned heel, I was elated, because I knew he would bring his same traits (the “fact of life” line and calling people “dummies”) to TNA, and he hasn’t disappointed. I see big things for him in 2016, maybe (at least) the King of the Mountain Championship is in his future.EliDrake
  3. Another stand out tidbit:  last night was basically the last Impact Wrestling on Destination America. The next two weeks will be recap episodes, a look back at TNA’s standout moments of 2015. The next true episode of Impact Wrestling will be the live episode on January 5 that will mark the debut of the program on Pop TV. 

So with that, until the first Tuesday of 2016!

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