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Baseball 101: Hitting

Hitting is the cornerstone of the game of baseball. A great bat has made men heroes. And heroes have fallen from grace with a mighty strikeout. In this edition of Baseball 101, we are going to learn about hitting.

Let’s look at a very basic hitting stance.

Every ballplayer should first learn this basic batting stance. I think a great swing to look at is that of Buster Posey. I am in love with Posey’s swing. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s the most effective.

Other than Posey’s bat held farther back, he has the classic batting stance. There is a great video on his swing on MLB. click here

This is just Hitting 101, so we are going to talk only basics here. A good hitter uses the entire plate when he swings. What does that mean? Well, it means that the bat goes across the whole plate and that no matter where the ball is, contact can be made.

How do you hold a bat?

You want to have your dominant hand on top. I am right-handed, so my right hand would be on top, and my left hand would be on the bottom. You want the bat to sit in the palms of your hands, and you do not want to intertwine your fingers.

Different types of hits:

Single: This is when the batter gets to first base.

Double: This is when the batter gets to second base.

Triple: This is when the batter gets to third base, and this is the hardest feat for a hitter right now.

Home run: When the hitter hits the ball over the outfield fence.

Inside the park home run: This is when the batter hits the ball and it stays in the park but the batter goes around all the bases.

Grand slam: This is when the bases are loaded and the batter gets a home run.

Bunt: This is when a batter does not swing but uses the bat in a more stationary position to hit the ball. In the NL, you will see pitchers use this a lot when they’re batting. It is also used most often to move a base runner to the next base. Or if you have a quick runner, a batter might bunt to try to get on first.





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