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WWE Breaking Ground Episode 7 Proving Ground

So the last episode ended with Carmella looking like she had suffered a serious injury. Fear not because it wasn’t as bad as first thought. Backstage Carmella said she could have carried on but Matt Bloom told her she had a long career ahead of her and anything like that she should stop the match straight away. Enzo and Bayley joined Big Cass and Carmella for dinner and they had a laugh round the table. Carmella would need to take some time off.final4_te_08252015sm_0465

We see Matt Bloom opening the PC and getting in a work out with Sara before the talent arrives. We see Bloom patrolling the PC and coming across ZZ. ZZ says he has an injury but Bloom thinks it’s because he is carrying too much weight. ZZ said he had been 283 but was 270 now,still a lot more work for him to do. He went to a crocodile place(I think that’s the technical name) because it reminded him of home.

Robbie Brookside was watching new recruit Lovepreet compete. Whilst throwing a guy over the rope he hit them with a low blow. The Robster made a point in saying Lovepreet needs to forget about old habits and learn wrestling.

Npooh was featured again since last week’s new identity with the help of Regal and he was looking on. Regal said with an entrance it’s the first thing people see about you. If you don’t belong the audience will lose interest.  Npooh’s entrance was pretty standard and Regal had a few pointer’s.”Just imagine that there’s 30 million people watching” no pressure then. Make up was next and we saw the woman taking a class. Bayley said growing up she was a tom boy and likes wrestling more then putting on make up but she seemed to enjoy it.

Next up internal matches held in the PC with just the talent looking on. It helps the rookies get more experience and could give them a chance to perform on the show. Lovepreet was in tag team action and in the match showed he was capable. Npooh came out next to have a match and Regal absolutely tore her apart and rightly so. She was terrible and didn’t seem to fit in. Tino was in the main event, back performing after injury. He is very confident i’ll give him that but needs to back it up in the ring but more importantly how he carries himself outside the ring.

carmellaCarmella was carving pumpkins with Big Cass. He asked her about the injury and she said she was fine but was going stir crazy. Aaron Solow is a lucky man enough said. Speaking of Bayley NXT Brooklyn was featured and her classic against Banks(my Match of the Year). The Doctor gave Carmella the once over and she was cleared to compete.

Lovepreet hosted Robbie and a couple of NXT rookies. A brotherly connection between the two they have bonded over curry and Lovepreet really appreciates what he is doing for him.

Sara Lee was traveling with Bayley and Carmella and they told her to be confident and ask lots of questions.On to the show and it kicked off with a battle royal and Lovepreet was giving a chance. He impressed Robbie and that was the first of many more matches.Carmella was back in action after the injury and showed no signs of the injury.

We ended with the arrival of Triple H the man behind NXT. He wanted to see Bayley and Sasha Banks but about what? We would find out next week.

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