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The NBA 5 on 5


1) Golden State Warriors (24-1)

Curry PicIt was fun while it lasted right? It Kind of hurts to see the notch on the opposite side of the column, but at this point what could we have expected? Double overtime win against the Celtics the night before, and 3:30 am arrival the next morning? Yeah, that’s tiring. With all of that said though, the “Dubs” should still be on track to a 70 win season. They have proven that without so much of a contest from many opponents. Toronto and Utah were the only teams close enough to bring them down trailing 3 at the final buzzer. Milwaukee fixed that wagon knocking them out by 13. One thing is for sure, with a fresh start, something is bound to change again?

2) East Looking Like The West?

I remember looking at the Western Conference every year and wondering how teams with 40+ wins don’t manage to make the playoffs. Well, so far in the east, I see two teams with a winning record on the outside looking in. The Orlando Magic (12-11), and the Atlanta Hawks (14-11). Neither team has played lights out to start this season, but a win is a win. In The West however, Phoenix and Portland have losing records, but are still fighting for the 8th spot. Interesting to say the least. The Hawks, a 60 win team and eastern conference finalist last season, and the Magic a constant thorn in the side of the Hawks will be competing to make it in. I’m not saying this is definite to stay like this, but keep your eye on future games between these teams given the Magic haven’t been to the play-offs since 2012, and the Hawks are looking for their 9th consecutive trip.

3) Help On The Way For Philly?

We all saw the Instagram Photo of Joel Imbiid right? If not here you go:

Joel Imbiid Pic

After all the taunts of his conditioning, his weight, and work ethic, it might have sparked some fire in the giant from Kansas. Now the real question is if he were to rejoin the Sixers this season, could he spark them too? No they wont make the playoffs (unless there is a miracle somewhere). But a few more wins would be beneficial in many ways to the players morale, and the organizations hopes of a steady rebuild. 1-24 is tough to look at sure, but the Knicks a season ago were the laughing stock of the league. Now, with a healthy superstar, draft pick silencing the doubters, and a few more role players, they’re fighting. Philly with all of the first round picks they had, and trades they’ve made haven’t found the “magic touch”. With Jerry Colangelo helping run the front office, could a coaching change be in the air for Philly as well? Imbidd is getting healthy, and a new face in the front office are steps. If you ask me there is only one more move to be made that at this point makes the only sense.

4) Indiana Pacers (13-9)

6-4 in their last 10 games, 7th in the league in PPG (103), they have the second highest 3 Point Percentage (38%), I think it’s safe to say this team is rolling along better than expected. Part of that is the return of Paul George averaging 27 pts and 8 rbs. Many, including myself, predicted them missing the playoffs this year. However, with the combined play of George, Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey, C.J. Miles, George Hill, and a few other role players, alot for this team going forward looks good. Keep an eye on them.Kobe Bryant

5) Los Angeles Lakers (3-21)

Am I the only one who finds it sad that Kobe has to end his last season like this? One of the only remnants of Michael Jordan left in the league and the team numbers as well as his personal numbers have taken a serious hit. All of this was bound to happen to Kobe given he likes to shoot 40 shots and make maybe 10 of them. Now it’s about 25 shots, and only making 9 or 8. Some nights. On the somewhat bright side, Julius Randle is playing well; averaging 11 pts and 9 boards, alongside D’angelo Russell who is chipping in every night with 11 pts and 3 assists (2nd highest on the team). Jordan Clark, Tarik Black, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon Bass have a lot of say so in the future of the this team after “The Black Mamba” is gone. I encourage you to go find each of their stat lines, and watch these guys play. If LA can just find a few extra pieces, to go along with what they currently have, a better rebuild will be in closer in view than expected.


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