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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up (December 14, 2015)

Welcome to another edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything that happened in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Raw and ending with TLC last night!

charlotteonMizTVThe week began with last Monday’s Raw, which shone the spotlight on Charlotte and Ric Flair on Miz TV. Charlotte had an interesting week last week, as she was kicking off what appeared to be a villainous turn when she cheated to beat Becky and then later went after Brie Bella while Becky was on the verge of defeating her. Charlotte gave a passionate promo regarding her upcoming title defense against Paige at TLC, only for Paige to interrupt and later deliver a slap to Flair, which had the two time Hall of Famer sending Charlotte after Paige. Even with Paige’s actions, I still felt like a double turn was beginning. Not only was Charlotte still turning heel, but it seemed like Paige was turning face.Asuka

Wednesday’s NXT was Diva-filled as always. On the go-home show before Takeover, Asuka’s dominance and lack of predictability continued to be pushed during her match against Deonna Purrazzo, when she delivered a kick that knocked Deonna out. The kick was delivered after Dana Brooke and Emma again attempted to distract her, and their reactions afterwards were golden! It’s pretty easy to see where Asuka’s going from this point on. Step 1 was beating Dana, beating Emma on Wednesday will be Step 2. Step 3 will most likely see her go after the title. Speaking of the title, Bayley was confronted by both Nia Jax and Eva Marie after defeating a new and villainous Peyton Royce. For the first time, Nia actually spoke on the NXT program, and it was a good promo. I can’t help but think that Nia will win the title, though neither outcome would surprise me.bayley-27894565-620x349

No Knockouts action on Impact Wrestling, but a pair of TNA Knockouts participated at Shine Wrestling’s SHINE 31 this past Friday. Mia Yim (Jade) and Marti Bell(e) were part of the event’s SHINE Tag Team Championship mini-tournament, but each KO had different partners. Mia was paired with her long time Lucha Sisters partner, Leva Bates (aka NXT’s Blue Pants), while Marti was with Jayme Jameson as part of the VAL-kyrie stable. The two teams faced each other in the finals after winning their opening round matches, and in the end, Marti and Jayme captured the tag titles. While one Knockout captured gold, the other made a lasting impact (no pun intended), as Mia turned heel and attacked Leva, severing a partnership that lasted nearly two years. Mia’s villainous turn at Shine was teased back at SHINE 28 in July, but the pair continued to remain together at the two shows that followed. Fans of Shine should see a fantastic series of matches between Mia and Leva in the early quarter of 2016.

Charlotte&PaigeTLCSmackDown saw Becky Lynch defeat Paige once again, but the main story was how the week ended at TLC. The preshow match saw Becky lose to Sasha Banks, who was competing in her home town of Boston, but of course, the spotlight was on the Divas Championship. I didn’t know what to expect, but I actually didn’t expect Charlotte to be in full heel mode against Paige. She was taunting the crowd, displaying viciousness, you name it. Of course, Ric Flair got involved as well, helping Charlotte get to the ropes and undoing a turnbuckle as well. Speaking of that turnbuckle, the evil Charlotte exposed it and sent Paige head-first into that metal, allowing Charlotte to get the win.

Honestly, if Charlotte didn’t turn heel last night, she’s almost there! It’s basically first and goal at the one yard line for her, and we should see a proverbial touchdown on Raw tonight. Until next week!

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