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Roy Jones jr. knocked out by Enzo Maccarielli

roy-jones-jr-knocked-out-in-fourth-round-1449962114Roy Jones jr. was knocked out in the 4th round in a non cruiser weight title bout. The 35-year-old was dropped by Enzo Maccarielli as Roy Jones jr was hit with a big uppercut. When Jones got back up to beat count he was then hit by yet another thunderous uppercut and then a right hook. Referee Indo Barrabas waved the fight off when Jones jr hit the canvas for the second time.

The US-born fighter was granted citizenship by President Vladimir Putin in September, with his match against the Briton at the VTB Arena in Moscow his first since receiving a Russian passport. Jones did enter into the arena with the stirring sound of his adopted nation’s anthem, but sadly that was the best thing that happened for him all night. Maccarinelli outclassed him from the start, and the fight’s culmination in the fourth had something of an air of inevitability about it.

The ageing combatant no longer possesses the quick feet that saw him embark on a decade of dominance in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, with Jones continually backing into the ropes to avoid punches.The only resistance from the 46-year-old came from a well-timed left hook and right uppercut combination late in the third round, but it was to be his only reprieve.

Maccarinelli, who at 35 is also looking past his best, showed too much power and knocked Jones to the canvas with a thunderous right uppercut in the fourth round. Another referee may well have ended the fight there, but Jones continued and was duly dispatched soon after with a hammer overhand right. Maccarinelli’s win sees him closer to a potential title bout next year, although given how poorly Jones fought, this win is unlikely to be enough.royjonesweb13s-web

But Maccarinelli’s win is not the story here. The story is Jones and the next step in his illustrious career. Jones is left with a record of 62-9 and some difficult questions to answer.The boxing fraternity have urged the new Russian citizen to hang up his gloves, saying it’s clear that time has caught up with him.

In his prime, Jones was one of the best pound-for-pound boxers the sport has ever seen, with a victory over Bernard Hopkins in 1993 heralding his first world crown in the form of the IBF middleweight title.Over the next decade, Jones was practically unbeatable and stamped his legacy on the sport.

920x920After losses against Danny Green and Hopkins in the late 2000s, the veteran’s last defeat came against Russian Denis Lebedev in Moscow in 2011.Since then Jones has plundered his way to an eight-bout winning streak against weaker opponents, but Maccarinelli was a significant step up in caliber.

Roy Jones Jr. is in a now growing list of athletes with Peyton Manning and others who seem to not know when to call a great career a career. What ever happened to going out on top? Or at least with some dignity?

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