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Stone Cold Podcast: Shawn Michaels

Another Month another Stone Cold Podcast and this time the Texas Rattlesnake guest would be the Heartbreak Kid.Stone-Cold-Podcast-Shawn-Michaels1-645x370


So after the introductions and the pleasantries Stone Cold said this could be the Pod that loses his job or helps him keep it.

Seeing as we were in Steve’s Broken Skull Ranch they talked about hunting and Shawn’s TV program about it. He talks about his relationship with his wife who he’s been married to for sixteen years and his son whose fifteen and might enlist in the army. Moving on from that, the discussion turned to who was the greatest of all time. Ric Flair is always Stone Cold’s choice and so was Shawn they talked about how Flair did it during the territories days. Which meant instead of Flair being in one place like a WWE he would be going around the country to different federations defending his World title reign. At WrestleMania 24 the Heartbreak kid ended Flair’s career in the WWE. Stone Cold asked what Michael’s had said to Flair after the match getting emotional he said he told him he loved him and for Shawn it was a fifteen year old him in the ring And thanking him for allowing him to end his career. The Rolex watch Shawn was wearing was made specially before that Mania match HBK got two made and gave Flair the other one.

SMvsBHBret Hart was next, Austin said he was neck and neck with HBK and how was the competitiveness. Shawn said at first there was no problem and he had said to Shawn that he was the next guy. Michaels then said Bret was upset it happened so quickly and that it was a bitter pill to swallow. Please remember though Shawn was using every political move in the book with Vince which won’t get mentioned on the Pod. Then the night it happened Survivor Series 97 the screw job. We all know the story it was Triple H’s idea first if he won’t do business make him Shawn and Vince agreed but even Michaels said Vince was thinking it already. Steve’s face had a fantastic look on it like interested and angry. One point made was the logistics of Shawn leaving safely. Make no mistake if Bret would of had an inkling or got hold of Shawn he would have pounded him. Even if Shawn stills says he was stuck in the middle and felt uncomfortable, why did he come up with the idea to screw him using his own finisher.What bothered Shawn more then anything is that he denied it. It was a hard burden for Shawn and so it should be. Bret Hart deserved better.dx

Anyway moving on to the Klique Shawn explained how he Scott Hall and Kevin Nash met each other. They were known for their antics in the WWF in the mid nineties. Scott Hall had classic matches with Shawn and picked Sean Waltman to join the crew as well. Even though they were known for crazy aspects, Triple H was always the designated driver. The Curtain Call was mentioned Austin said he was backstage watching it shocked. Triple H took the punishment for it and was scheduled to win King of the Ring that year. Stone Cold was told by Vince two weeks before that he would win the KOTR. Austin said if it had never happened Stone Cold might not be here.

Talking about Triple H Shawn says he not surprised that he got the success he deserved. Lot’s of praise by Austin and HBK under the Vince learning tree and his passion as he was the next in line.Saying Vince knew everything except how the boys felt.Vince’s relationship with Shawn was next and when HBK wanted to leave to go to WCW Vince said they would give him a paycheck but not help him creatively. Shawn said even thought it was a business that was not the deciding factor. Steve said when he talks to the younger guys there inspiration is Shawn. Shawn said its nice like flair was to him and when they first started in Texas they never thought it would be that big.

brayWyatt2Austin asked Shawn to name the current talent in WWE. SHAWN SAID ROLLINS, AMBROSE, ZIGGLER, WYATT.  Then said Wyatt is this generations Taker. Shawn accidentally said mark that made me laugh (Mark is the Undertaker’s real first name). He said you make that comparison with the up and comer and the legend but then have to go your own way. Shawn said his twitter numbers always go up when Ziggler wrestles but he says he must go his own way.

The Super Kick was taken off Chris Adams who feuded with Austin in Texas but didn’t really have a finisher in the WWE after the Rockers split up. Pat Paterson was next to talk about a beautiful man and puts the finishers of the match very influential in both there careers. As a fifty year old, Shawn gets asked if he regrets anything he did in DX or anywhere. He said the old pictures of him because he knows what place he was in and the DX stuff was risque.

vincerussoAt an autograph event Shawn saw Vince Russo and said when he was on creative that he let Shawn go and do what he wanted on air. WrestleMania 14 Shawn had the sneer on his face against Stone Cold. Shawn said there would be little things he would change but right now he couldn’t be happier. What is next for Shawn? He is going back to his TV program but you never know when HBK might show up.

More of a friendlier podcast between Austin and Shawn as they seemed comfartable with each other. Nothing really groundbreaking.  The next one with Ric Flair should be the same. It was not spectacular and was full of standard questions, but their are worse ways to spend an hour of your time.






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