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WWE TLC 2015 Predictions

It’s this time of year again ! Just before the road to Wrestlemania begins we have Tables, Ladders and Chairs oh my!! Will Reigns rule or will the League of Nations still be on top at the end of the night ?




US Championship Chairs Match

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

I would say that Swagger as only been involved at a PPV if it was a match against Del Rio or Rusev. The former World champion has been off TV for months but returned to face Del Rio who incidentally is with Jack’s former manager Zeb Colter. This feud kind of makes sense in the WWE way of thinking but you have to worry for Del Rio. Since his return at Hell in a Cell he has been treated as a mid-carder. A convincing win for Del Rio would help him and the League of Nations.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Rusev vs Ryback

Rusev has been a conundrum this year starting it strong with a feud and Mania match with Cena. After losing his undefeated streak though he somewhat struggled and with an injury and split on-screen with Lana he seemed lost. Now a member of the League of Nations and with Lana back by his side Rusev has a chance to put a marker down for 2016. Ryback is another one who has had a strange year. Winning the IC title and finally getting over with the smart fans he was gaining momentum but losing to Owens at NOC he has lost direction. Two big men, this will be a hard-hitting match with lots of power moves.

Winner: Rusev


paige tlc

WWE Divas Championship

Charlotte vs Paige

I said last month when these two met at Survivor Series that Paige would win the title. She didn’t but since then has still been embroiled in a feud with Charlotte. With Becky Lynch’s involvement recently it looks like what Paige said about Flair was true. Speaking of Flair’s Slick Ric will be ringside for his daughter’s match, maybe an accidental distraction will cost Charlotte the title. Either way I want Paige to win and feel tonight will be the night.

Winner: Paige

wyatts tlc

Table Match

ECW Original’s vs The Wyatt’s

Wouldn’t this match be perfect for Survivor Series? Well since that night when Bray met his maker they have been in a feud with the Dudley’z and beat them on Raw. No offense to the Duds or Dreamer or Rhyno but the Wyatt’s really need to gain some momentum. Maybe having this match is a backward step for Bray and co but they need to beat someone. I expect this match to be really fun with lot’s of weapons and high spots but ultimately the Wyatt’s will have too much for the former ECW guys.

Winner: The Wyatt’s



tlc new day

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match

The New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs The Usos

If one match could potentially steal the show it would be this match. Now this might not be Edge and Christrian, Dudleyz and Hardyz but you’ll be hard pressed to find three more talented teams in the WWE. For the past few months now the New Day have dominated the Tag division with an Iron fist. At TLC I see this changing with the Usos back in the fold I can see those wild samoans winning back their tag team gold. Look out for major moves by Kalisto and Sin Cara and a good showing by them will put them in good stead as 2016 progresses. The New Day can lose and it wouldn’t take the shine off them. Not being pinned will protect them and lead to a rematch at the Rumble.

Winner: The Usos


WWE Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

Well I was wrong at Survivor Series. I thought Owens would defeat Ambrose but at TLC the tables have turned. Ambrose as a character is close to being lost or just being treated as a mid carder. A strong performance at TLC would help Ambrose but what of the rumoured Owens vs Lesnar match at WM 32? Would defeat for Owens make him look weak? Yes it would but maybe Owens losing the IC title and then starts going on a tear through WWE until Lesnar shows up. Whatever happens at Mania I can see Ambrose winning the title at TLC.

Winner: Dean Ambrose




WWE Championship TLC Match

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns

Is this the moment for Roman Reigns? After everything the former Shield man has taken this year, Survivor Series was the moment he reached the top of the mountain. Only for Sheamus to cash in 5 minutes and 15 seconds into Roman’s Reign. At TLC these two men go head to head in a TLC and I see Sheamus retaining. If it was a normal match I couldn’t see Reigns losing but with a ladder involved maybe Triple H will flex his authority and some how screw Reigns out of the title. Sheamus to retain but I don’t think the Irishman will be champion at Mania.

Winner: Sheamus

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