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3 Things We Learned From WWE Smackdown

What did we learn from the last Smackdown before TLC ?


Tyler Breeze v Dolph Ziggler 3

At Survivor Series Tyler Breeze beat Ziggler in a fair match. Their feud continued when Ziggler evened the score on Raw. On Smackdown the rubber match was to take place. The match was fine, Breeze working on Ziggler’s leg throughout the match and he was very tenacious.  Ziggler is a great seller and he looked to be in a great deal of trouble. On the outside Breeze was in control until Dolph drilled Tyler into the ringpost. With Breeze disoriented he leapt back into the ring but got hit with a super kick. Ziggler won but I am worried for Breeze.Too many NXT talents have debuted with a couple of victories and then fallen of the radar. Going back to Bo Dallas and Neville now. Bringing Superstars up to the main roster is a vital aspect but they need to know where their character is going. This might just be an over reaction on my part but after this feud where does Breeze go ?


Lucha Dragons Upset the New Day

At TLC the New Day put their Tag titles on the line in a 3 way ladder match. On Smackdown one of the challengers Lucha Dragons faced Woods and Kingston. Kofi and Kalisto started the match and had a great exchange at the start. Sin Cara was tagged in and was in control until Big E playing the trumpet distracted him. After being worked down by the New Day, Kalisto managed to get the hot tag in. Cork screwing and flipping around the ring Kalisto is the most exciting talent in WWE at the moment. Sin Car flew to the outside taking out Big E and Kofi and Kalisto hit his Salida del Sol for the pin. Does this mean the Lucha Dragons can win gold on Sunday? Even if they don’t 2016 should be a good year for them. As for New Day they can take loses like this as long as it’s Woods who gets pinned.


The Shield 2.0 vs The League of Nations Feud Heats Up.

Smackdown started with Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio. They had quite an enjoyable match until it was ruined by Sheamus pulling out Del Rio and a huge melee happening at ringside between League of Nations and the Shield. The match ended in a DQ but we would find out that there would be an 8 man tag main event. Jey Uso was worked on early on by the Nation but when Ambrose came in he gained momentum. It was halted by Sheamus and the WWE champion wore down Dean. Reigns got the hot tag in and hit a big Samoan drop on Rusev and the Usos’ took out Del Rio and Sheamus at ringside. The Spear was next and with that Roman defeated Rusev and the Shield 2.0 won. A victory to send the fans home happy.Would this be a harbinger for Sunday? Whatever happens at TLC this feud will continue as we head to the Rumble.

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