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I wrote my first article on this site in April 2015 – back then, CleatGeeks was a relatively unknown blog with nothing more than a few hundred followers to work with. With their site’s fledgling reputation on the line, they took a chance on a 16 year old high school junior from the suburbs of Chicago who had never composed a legitimate sports article in his life – I really hope I did them well.

What small part I played in the growth of this site is no matter; instead, what matters is that this team, these “geeks”, created content that was both enjoyable and informative. And I know that the team that Michael Ballentine and Co. have assembled have worked to do just that.

It has been nothing short of incredible to work alongside these great people. They ushered me in, showed me the ropes, and gave me information and advice that I could never have acquired in any classroom or from any teacher.

In the more than nine months I have spent here at CleatGeeks, I have written about the NBA, MLS, NCAA, and most recently, the American Hockey League, where I was fortunate enough to receive media credentials that gave me the opportunity to cover games as they were happening. This opportunity was unbelievable and CleatGeeks gave me the platform with which to publish my coverage of these games.

However, this is where the story of my time here at CleatGeeks ends. I helped lay the foundation for this site and I am so proud to see how far it has grown, but I know that my sustained presence on this site will decrease the reputation of this site. CleatGeeks has come so far and my presence on the site did not lower the level of professionalism that the site has garnered in the short time it has been online.

So this is the end of my time on CleatGeeks, but it’s not the end of my time in this field. I will be heading a new project based out of the United Kingdom, where I will be taking a larger leadership role and will have more of an impact on the business end of things, as well as contributing on the writing end.

I cannot thank CleatGeeks enough for this opportunity. I hope this site grows and becomes the most successful sports media outlet in the world and I can’t wait to say that I played a small role in this site’s development.



Joseph Pecoraro

Everyone at CleatGeeks wish Joe the best as well, and thank him for his contributions.

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