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Look Manziel, the Browns Reward Those Who Do Good

Not much has gone right for the Browns this season. But, some would say they have created their own circus under the big brown top.

We all know about the guy who is in the middle ring of the 3 ring circus Johnny Manziel, and all the problems and distractions he has meant to the Cleveland Browns this year. But in the middle of a depressing season, Gary Barnidge has been one of the NFL’s best stories. He’ll get a chance to continue that story in Cleveland next season, too. Though we are not sure why he would want to.

Manziel-MoneyYes, Johnny, show us the money sign! But it is not for you, it is for your tight end, Gary Barnidge. He logged six seasons in the NFL, between the Carolina Panthers and Browns, and that in itself is a great accomplishment. He was a good, solid player. He had 603 yards and three touchdowns in those six seasons. But this season, at age 30, he decided to become a household name, by doing good things on the field and not partying off the field. And he was rewarded with a long-term contract extension from the Browns. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said it was for three years and more than $12 million.

The Browns announced the long-term deal for Barnidge, who just 12 games into this season has more than doubled the totals from his first six NFL seasons. He has 60 catches, 817 yards and seven touchdowns. Not many players have a breakout season at age 30, after six years of relative anonymity, but Barnidge should give every fringe player hope if given the chance.BarnidgeBrownsCatchvsCardinals

The Browns are 2-10 and have the worst record in the NFL, but it’s a nice gesture that a player they stuck with for so many years and gave a chance to wants to stick around for them. Plus, he is more than likely banking on the fact that he can make some money in the off-season being a good spokesperson, and doing some great charity work while Manziel is out partying. But, I don’t think he can start his promo tour as soon as the season ends, he should have to wait until after the week of the Pr Bowl.



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